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Note that if you are using one of my free themes or plugins, please use the dedicated forums on for support queries. I will almost always respond well within 24 hours, although it might take slightly longer on the weekend. My time zone is GMT and if you happen to email me during normal working hours, there’s a good chance I’ll email you straight back.

Use the links below to find the support forums for all my products on

Singularity theme support forum
All my plugins on

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Scope of support

For free plugins and themes, I’m happy to offer support and fixes for any bugs you might discover or for instances where the functionality or appearance of the product is not as expected. Support doesn’t include customisations (see below).

Plugin support

Unless otherwise stated, support is available for premium products while you have a valid license. Licenses usually last for 12 months, after which time you’ll need to renew the license in order to continue receiving support (and updates).

For any support requests for premium products, please take a look at the support page first. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then please use the form below to contact me directly. As above, I aim to answer every query well within 24 hours.


I can’t guarantee to provide free support for customisations to products. There are many times where I’ve helped out with simple CSS or similar in order to tweak a product but this isn’t guaranteed.

Changes to functionality are outside the scope of support for any product – though I’m always happy to discuss individual feature requests, especially if they’re likely to have wider appeal for the product’s users. If you’d like a quote for a particular feature, just let me know.

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