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Do you offer any discounts or promotions?

If you’re reading this then you’re probably looking for a Plugin Republic discount or coupon.

I’ve decided not to offer any pre-sales promotions or discounts, either for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or at any other time during the rest of the year. The only exception to this is to existing customers: I do run a private Black Friday sale as a thank you to customers.

The reasons for not offering discounts to new customers include:

  • The price of the products on this site reflect their quality and the level of service I provide
  • I’ve priced these plugins at what I think is a reasonable level. I’ve taken into account the time I’ve spent developing them, supporting them and documenting them
  • I believe that they are well worth the money, considering the time and work they will save you as a WordPress developer or user from implementing the same functionality on your site
  • I don’t think it’s right that everyone else should buy at 100% during the rest of the year, but that customers on a certain date get the same product for half-price

I’m also unable to offer discounts based on currency exchange rates in different territories. While I completely understand that the exchange rate from some currencies into USD can be quite prohibitive, my plugins are priced at a rate that will allow me to keep developing and supporting them.

What I do offer is personal support for each plugin and a 14 day money back guarantee.

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