This is the only plugin I've found that handles out of stock variations well!

The default WooCommerce behaviour is poor: the out of stock options are shown as though they are in stock, and it's only when they are selected the customer finds that they can't order. I bought this plugin to fix that and am delighted.

With the plugin, the out of stock options can be greyed out and made unselectable, or the styling (colour and sort order) of the variations can be altered to make the out of stock options appear at the bottom of the list and they are clearly shown in a different colour with a message. I've even integrated the plugin with use of a waitlist so customers can reserve stock when it's sold out.

Add in the ability to show when stock will be replenished with a date when due and the plugin will make you more than the purchase price in a short time just based on the improved user experience not losing sales!

The plugin author was attentive, provided excellent support and even helped me with some customisations.

Highly recommended.

Laurel E Armstrong de BuisseretBrommiemods

I use Add-Ons Ultimate to add many different types of custom options to handpicked products. We needed a huge lot of flexibility: different field types, fields to be conditional and custom calculations.

Product Add-Ons Ultimate saved us many hours of development and testing these features. We can use all the essential types of inputs: do custom calculations using fields, make fields dependent on one another and all of this will be saved as product info.

The support is quick and knows their way around the plugin, not to mention the useful hints that I got for some extra tweaks that made me very happy 🙂

Kaia Konsap

On my website I offer personalised products. I was looking for a plugin that doesn't just allow you to enter a name, but offers more complex queries, such as paid additional options or conditional queries. I also wanted to be as flexible as possible. There should be a global possibility to set a specific field under a set of products as well as on the product page itself. The visual appearance was also very important to me. Since some products have several personalisations, it is important that not everything is just listed below each other in an unattractive way. All plugins I had looked at before either did not have the functions I needed or they were not what I was looking for in terms of appearance.

Product Add-Ons Ultimate solved all my problems. I am always surprised how versatile the plugin is. Even more complex queries can be implemented without problems. Also the visuals are great. Especially if you have multiple queries, the accordion or tab view is worth its weight in gold. Woocommerce variants were a thing of the past, today I prefer to use the "Image Swatch", because it looks much more chic and the visitor can see the variants directly.

The support is really great. If you have any questions, a quick and competent answer follows. Suggestions for changes are implemented within a very short time, and also smaller bugs are quickly corrected. The plugin is updated regularly and the update is - in contrast to some other plugins on other platforms - directly imported via the backend of WordPress. The plugin is definitely worth its money! A definite buy.

Carina Felske

We used WooCommerce Product Add Ons Ultimate for a rather big shop and were happy to extend the default Woocommerce product options to a new level. This improved the usability in a great way. Thanks for this great plugin and the good support.

Christoph WalterPAS solutions GmbH

We've been using Product Add-Ons Ultimate to make custom bed types. WooCommerce 'product variations' alone wasn't sophisticated enough for our mattress and base customisation options. The plugin allows customers to choose from a selection of mattress options, not just size, but surface material and even the feel of the supportive layers. Similarly, Add-Ons Ultimate enables our bases products to have timber and colour options, each with differing prices.

Great support.


I purchased WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate to allow users to upload photos as part of the order fulfillment process. File upload is a major limitation in WooCommerce, and the plug-in fulfilled this requirement with ease because it allows the easy upload of multiple files at once.

Mohammad AG

I used Products Add-Ons Ultimate for a webshop that sells custom made mosquito nets for windows and doors. This plugin was a bull's-eye. We can now sell the products made to measure for our customers. It works fast!

Johan KuurmanEasy Flex Solutions

I run a personalised print website and my customers need to be able to customise the products with their own photos and text. It's also important for me to know the date the order is needed to make sure I can get the product to them in time. The Product Add-Ons Ultimate plugin provides a solution for all of these things in one plugin.

I previously had the website on Wix and my customers were unable to upload photos with their orders. This was a bit of a mess as some photos were coming to a Dropbox and some were just not coming in with the orders at all. So there was a lot of back and forth between customers and as a result a loss in sales as the process was too complicated.

I tried a few free image upload plugins for WordPress. In my opinion, there are too many plugins out there and most of them promise to do the job but underdeliver or are poorly developed.

The Product Add-Ons Ultimate plugin for WooCommerce solved all the issues I had with previous solutions / plugins I had tried. It has everything you need to collect custom data from your users right on the product page. The order comes in with everything in one place and is very easy to set up and manage. I have already seen an increase in sales since I started using the plugin. I had a small issue at the start and Gareth created a fix for me right away.


We've been using Product Add-Ons Ultimate for a local glass company to implement a cut-to-size glass ordering system. We needed to figure out how to implement a system in WooCommerce that would be able to deal with so many variables such as height, width, area, perimeter, price per square metre for over 60 products and then any additional patterns or finish types for those products such as cornering, processing, toughening, etc.

We considered Gravity Forms but needed something that was much more user friendly. The ability in Add-Ons Ultimate to use global add-ons and to then be able to select which specific products can make use of the add-ons has been invaluable.

Nicole HowesNu Image Design

It was difficult finding a Woocommerce plugin that had a user-friendly approach to uploading file attachments to an order and that could match the look for my site. When I came across this plugin, I instantly loved the way the upload feature looked visually.

This plugin was totally worth the purchase. I love the depth of features available, as well as the ability to customize little things such as spacing. I also like how it has a feature to display my fields in different styles such as accordian and tab style. But most of all, I love the technical support who gave me speedy responses and helped me to solve all my technical issues. Thanks for developing this plugin. It's just what I was looking for!

David James

We have a customized online shop to sell school supplies for parents with children in one or many school levels. We had a lot of issues trying to fulfill the requirements such as restricting products and categories only to registered users, restricting products categories depending on the school level, and giving parents access only to those products their children need for their current school level.

We are more than satisfied with the WooCommerce Members Only because it not only helped us solving all the issues we were having but also gave us some more functionality, like restricting menu items and widgets, which made our store even more precise to our customer needs. Plus the support is A+: fast and attentive to all our needs.

Mario López

I have been using WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate for a jewelry and watches website that offers engraving on some of the products. It then offers different types of engraving, and different pricing depending on different factors.

The plugin deals with all these little conditional situations seamlessly. It was easy to set up and any time I had a query the support was excellent.

Thomas Bartlett

My client needed some extra functionality on their WooCommerce site. The plugin from Plugin Republic is robust and easy to use. It works seamlessly and support is quick and effective. I would recommend this plugin to anyone who uses WooCommerce. Excellent value for money.

Ryan ButterworthDigital Alchemist,

5/5 stars!!! Really a great plugin and outstanding customer service! Well built and very logical setup. Easy to use for even not so tech-savvy users 🙂

Anders JytzlerHype Media

I'm loving using WooCommerce Product Add Ons Ultimate to implement a gift economy store.

I've needed support a couple of times, and Gareth has been fabulous - very quick to respond, and at one stage even logged in to my site and fixed it up for me. Thanks Gareth 🙂

Julie Lawrence

Great plugin but, above all, responsive and quick support! Thank you again for your help and your work! Keep going.

Esteban Brives

WooCommerce Product Add Ons Ultimate is an awesome plugin! It's easy to use and the support is great. Adding fields to WooCommerce products has never been easier.

Henrik Jakobsen

Excellent and useful plugins. Technical support is fast, available and decisive even for complex problems. Good job.

Marco BrughiMarco Brughi

The plugin is great. We were able to fulfill all the wishes of our customers. Thanks a lot for this. The support is very helpful and fast.

Sylvia DöhringDöhring Digital e.K.

I'd just like to say thank you for the WooCommerce Product Add Ons Ultimate plugin. It is absolutely brilliant. I disastrously went through several possible plugins prior to finding this plugin, and love that WooCommerce Product Add Ons Ultimate is so simple to operate. I especially appreciate that the thumbnail is there after a client has uploaded a file. That was especially important to me.

I'd also like to thank you for the support you gave me when I was installing this plugin.

Gillian BlundellWagzPrint