All Access Lifetime Bundle

I have absolutely no web experience however have found installing the plugins super simple. And your support is amazing!

Uyen MaxwellTeachIt.Co

uyen maxwell

Better Variations

Better Variations is working well for us at Velospeed.  It's allowing people to see which bikes are actually in stock which we couldn't do before and that helps them make their decision more easily.

The whole process of buying the plugin and being able to discuss with you directly was trouble-free and easy.  Thanks!

John ClarkVelospeed


Product Add-Ons Ultimate

This plugin has been a game changer for us. We sell custom art worldwide and Product Add-Ons Ultimate has enabled us to deliver product personalization on a global scale.


Blank user image

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

We are a custom guitar manufacturer and we collect a 50% deposit for all custom orders.  It was proving difficult to communicate the deposit amount and the remainder on completion  The plugin allows us to do this and we are now able to allow online orders because the customer can pay a 50% deposit on their dream guitars.

This was the plugin that was going to meet my needs and at a reasonable price.

Christine SuarezBilT Guitars

User image

Members Only

I've been using WooCommerce Members Only plugin to setup presale access for people who previously bought our limited edition books.  The difficulty we faced was that we couldn't create private access to a specific user role. This plugin enabled us to assign multiple roles to users and thus enable presale access to them when we are about to launch a new product.

Marko MatijaševićAmaranthine Books


Product Add-Ons Ultimate

I use the plugin on a newspaper site.

One of the challenges we faced was setting the final price - this had to be done on both variation prices and custom field calculations based on the number of fields selected within a field group and conditional discount on top of it.

The plugin worked for us.  It provided calculations for product custom fields, including a specific discount based on the number of fields selected within a group.  If it hadn't, we would've had to resort to using Gravity Forms and a connector plugin for Woo and/or custom coding. There is no other plugin available on the market that can do it!

The plugin is a joy to use because of a very clean UI, both on the backend and frontend as well as the power of conditions available. And Gareth was super helpful and patient. The plugin also comes with extremely useful documentation, no fluff or repetitive descriptions.


Michael KrakowiakHappy Bits

IMG 0780

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

I received a request from a customer who produces personalised items, and needed the ability to charge per letter during the shopping process. I had looked around for a while before turning to WooCommerce Support, who advised me "there are no known plugins we are aware of to provide this functionality".  A little more Googling came up with Gareth from Plugin Republic

The Add-Ons Ultimate plugin did not only exactly what I needed but much more, and the functionality I needed was tested and working within 10 minutes. I now plan to use this plugin on more WooCommerce stores.

This plugin has saved me a lot of time and money in bespoke development costs in addition to helping me provide a much needed feature for my customer. This feature was the most important part of the entire project.

I have followed up with Gareth and advised him that WC are unaware of this excellent plugin, or at least what it actually does. I am hoping that much more business goes to Plugin Republic as the products are excellent and you actually get a response from a human by email. Fantastic service, very happy.


Bret WhitcombeOfficehost Cloud Solutions Ltd

bret e1606387611160

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

Excellent support when trying out the plugin, and a top quality plugin. Thanks guys 🙂

Michael Haddon

User image

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

An excellent plugin, ticks all the boxes for a product add-on plugin. Perfect for adding gift card writing and gift wrap options to products. Five stars *****

I'd tried other plugins before including WooCommerce but they didn't tick all the boxes.  This plugin shows image, title and description of each card writing and gift wrap option etc.

Great plugin, well done! Please make more! *****

Emily Knight

Emily Knight

Members Only

We have been using the plugin to limit certain product sales to members of a hospital organization (annual dues, etc).

I was really disappointed I couldn't mark a WooCommerce product as "Private" and have it *fully* hidden to anonymous users. Seems like a no-brainer functionality.  This plugin did exactly what I needed.

Robert GomezAjenda Interactive Media

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Thank You Pages

We purchased this plugin for a client to allow better bespoke thank you pages. The plugin is excellent and the support team also provided assistance for us in terms of instructions on how to add custom blocks using shortcodes to provide additional details above the default blocks.

It's used on a football training site which you purchase on site 1 but then access on site 2.  So being able to bespoke the thank you pages allowed us to better convey the access details, support setup etc.

The plugin helped us to provide clearer instructions to the buyers.

James M Alexanderthefingerprint


Product Add-Ons Ultimate

I've been using the plugin mostly for restaurant (coffee shop) online ordering.  I had found that most available product variations don't have conditional logic but this plugin does have conditional logic. 🙂

I love your plugin and your super fast and extremely helpful response to my SKU issue. The conditional logic within the variations is amazing to have.

Jessica BergYakima Branding

User image

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

I had a huge product with 100s of selections and thousands of potential combinations and didn't see many other conditional logic plugins that looked like they suited my purpose.

Up until now, we have struggled to offer users flexibility with options or selections. This plugin solves that well and we are able to give our subscribers more options for their subscriptions.

Peter MicalizziGuitar Crate

User image

Members Only

I've used the plugin to create a B2B section of my website, separate from my customers.  It did the job!

Carol ChevereauTimelense

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Product Add-Ons Ultimate

We use this plugin on 2 websites at present with a 3rd website on the horizon. The plugin helped us calculate carpet sizes for our customers and pack size.

It is so versatile and well coded. Gareth who has been handling the support is very knowledgeable and super helpful. I would recommended this to anyone. It's actually the best plugin we have used so far.


Robert PriceT1 Media


Product Add-Ons Ultimate

I have tried three different premium plugins to complete a contact lens website.

The good news is - your plugin works perfectly. Wonderful, wonderful plugin. Great job!


sissy e1614268157973

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

This plugin was able to answer all of my business needs perfectly. Your customer support team is absolutely superb. In the beginning, when I just started using your plugin, there still was some customization that I needed in order for the plugin to exactly match my individual business logic and operations. Your team has been amazing in working with me in order to find solutions to literally ALL of my customization needs. I have worked with Collins and Clint, and they have been helpful, patient, and incredibly easy to work with. I could not be any happier with my decision to use your plugin to answer my business needs, and the professionalism of your support team is the major factor in that feeling. So thank you and keep up the goood work!!!

Amit FriedmanMobile Online

WhatsApp Image 2023 09 15 at 10.43.46

Advanced Calculations

My client is a Millwork. I use your plugin to add a calculator to the Live Edge Slabs Page.

The customer fills in how long, thick, and wide the board is and the calculator first calculates the board feet then, depending on which type of wood they are ordering, determines the price for that given piece of wood.

Your plugin is a life saver as there is not another with this flexible functionality.

Tom Fraser

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Add-Ons Ultimate Bundle

I’m using the Bundle for a rebuild of a shop who are specialists in curtains and roller blinds in Norway. The current shop was built using Shopify but Sara Dahl found using Shopify cumbersome and restricting to use.

I’ve found the plugin very easy to use. After installing the plugin, I more or less worked out how to use, it’s very intuitive. The 'Lookup table' has been perfect for what I needed, as well as being able to apply multiple ‘Lookup table’ to a product.

Nic AchampongNotch

IMG 9350

Min Max Quantity and Order

I have a trade-only store where customers must buy 6, 12, 18 etc of any of the products they choose - in multiples of 6 - and the grand total must be not less than 120. WooCommerce Minimum Maximum Quantity and Order does exactly that - and is easy to set up.

David BennettHalf Moon Cards


Bookings for WooCommerce

I have a small camera rental site. I tested several bookings plugins and this was the best that I could find.

Jari JukaJobme OÜ

IMG 1614

Bookings for WooCommerce

Your plugin is the only one in the market which worked for us. And the contact with you is excellent.

Kris ObbersBlueblot web & design

kris obbers

Add-Ons Ultimate Bundle

I primarily use the Add-Ons Ultimate Bundle to add product customizations like adding a name to the back of a shirt.  I really like the global add-ons. Being able to build the options once and then apply them to many products has been a huge time saver. The bundle fits the needs I have as a garment printer and web designer and it is a great value for the price.

Devron Sternke

devron sternke

All Access Lifetime Bundle

Your support is outstanding, simply the best I have encountered. I upgraded to the Lifetime Bundle due to the support and quality of the plugins.

Christian RavnRavaxo


Product Add-Ons Ultimate

Thank you immensely! This is the best support I've received in my seven years in the business. I'll definitely recommend you to others!

Kristina PärnasteBeluna

Kristina Pärnaste

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

Thanks for the great plugin and quick support when I ran into issues!
I'm a developer myself and saved hours of development time for my clients by using your plugin for product options’ needs in their e-stores.
I have loved the usability of the plugin’s back-end. It has been so simple to add/remove fields. The setup of various fields has been intuitive. The frontend integration has also been quite easy, I needed some help just once.
I selected the plugin because of
1) the good variety of available field options
2) there is well-thought of documentation available on your site. I found good tips for example for setting up the frontend part.

Sven Kauber

sven kauber

Advanced Calculations

We use Advanced Calculations to input width and drop measurements for various categories of blinds. These measurements check a specific table converted from the client's pricing Excel spreadsheet to extract prices.

The plugin was easy to use with very good documentation and we are very appreciative of the support we were given by your team, as they went the extra mile.

Zelda Wilson

Zelda 10111

Deposits and Part Payments

This single WooCommerce extension for accepting deposits and partial payments is pretty perfect.

Chris Lema

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Better Variations

Our customers were finding it tough to see what was in stock when multiple attribute variations were in use.  This plugin makes it easier for customers to find the right sizes and colours in stock for variations.

The support received was excellent - you quickly spotted that I'd changed default woocommerce behaviour and applied a snippet that solved it to match my change.

Keep up the good work.


k9fitness purple paw store logo

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

We've used the plugin on a restaurant website for adding toppings similar to your pizza demo.  It works well for what we need.  Overall, very happy with this plugin.

Peter ClearyCleary Design, LLC

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Product Add-Ons Ultimate

A very good plugin. It allows you to make various configurations of many products. The creator of the plugin is very nice and very helpful. Help came very quickly. I recommend this creator and his plugin.

Gosia Bloch

User image

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

We're using the plugin to add additional options to a product for one of our clients.

While searching for plugins with these options, I thought this one would be the best.  The plugin makes sure that we can sell products with options on which we can apply conditional logic.

Amanda TimmerMadoo

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Members Only

We have a customized online shop to sell school supplies for parents with children in one or many school levels. We had a lot of issues trying to fulfill the requirements such as restricting products and categories only to registered users, restricting products categories depending on the school level, and giving parents access only to those products their children need for their current school level.

We are more than satisfied with the WooCommerce Members Only because it not only helped us solving all the issues we were having but also gave us some more functionality, like restricting menu items and widgets, which made our store even more precise to our customer needs. Plus the support is A+: fast and attentive to all our needs.

Mario López

sc mario frente 1

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

It was difficult finding a WooCommerce plugin that had a user-friendly approach to uploading file attachments to an order and that could match the look for my site. When I came across this plugin, I instantly loved the way the upload feature looked visually.

This plugin was totally worth the purchase. I love the depth of features available, as well as the ability to customize little things such as spacing. I also like how it has a feature to display my fields in different styles such as accordion and tab style. But most of all, I love the technical support who gave me speedy responses and helped me to solve all my technical issues. Thanks for developing this plugin. It's just what I was looking for!

David James


Product Add-Ons Ultimate

5/5 stars!!! Really a great plugin and outstanding customer service! Well built and very logical setup. Easy to use for even not so tech-savvy users 🙂

Anders JytzlerHype Media

anders jytzler

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

I run a personalised print website and my customers need to be able to customise the products with their own photos and text. It's also important for me to know the date the order is needed to make sure I can get the product to them in time. The Product Add-Ons Ultimate plugin provides a solution for all of these things in one plugin.

I previously had the website on Wix and my customers were unable to upload photos with their orders. This was a bit of a mess as some photos were coming to a Dropbox and some were just not coming in with the orders at all. So there was a lot of back and forth between customers and as a result a loss in sales as the process was too complicated.

I tried a few free image upload plugins for WordPress. In my opinion, there are too many plugins out there and most of them promise to do the job but underdeliver or are poorly developed.

The Product Add-Ons Ultimate plugin for WooCommerce solved all the issues I had with previous solutions / plugins I had tried. It has everything you need to collect custom data from your users right on the product page. The order comes in with everything in one place and is very easy to set up and manage. I have already seen an increase in sales since I started using the plugin. I had a small issue at the start and Gareth created a fix for me right away.


profile pic

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

I purchased WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate to allow users to upload photos as part of the order fulfillment process. File upload is a major limitation in WooCommerce, and the plug-in fulfilled this requirement with ease because it allows the easy upload of multiple files at once.

Mohammad AG

User image

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

Our product is a specific printout. There are some options that affect the unit price. Additionally, if the customer wishes some "special printout", there is an additional fixed cost.

Works out of the box and flat fee works as expected.

This is a brilliant plugin and I received excellent communication/support from Gareth.

George Karakostas9DEV Ltd.


Product Add-Ons Ultimate

We used WooCommerce Product Add Ons Ultimate for a rather big shop and were happy to extend the default Woocommerce product options to a new level. This improved the usability in a great way. Thanks for this great plugin and the good support.

Christoph WalterPAS solutions GmbH

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Members Only

The plugin is great. With minimal setting you can achieve what you need to restrict content from non members. This gives great control for your WooCommerce products. If you're doing a special event for your members this would be great option. WooCommerce Members Only is a must if you run a WooCommerce site. With Gareth the support is very responsive with every question.

Even a beginner can handle this plugin setup. So there is nothing to be worried about. Great plugin.

Mohd Shamsul Jamel Ahmad

IMG 20200924 163234

Fees and Discounts

We've been using Fees and Discounts to make discounts possible if visitors buy 10+ items and to add fees for PayPal payments. Without the plugin it wasn't possible to achieve this.

Bert Hennephof

LOGO sin dirección circle 500x500 1

Members Only

We use WooCommerce Members Only to customer groups different prices and delivery choices. Members of some groups have free delivery, others need to pay for delivery etc. Members Only solved all our problems with customer grouping.

Ståle Jensen

Ståle Jensen

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

We produce videos for customers that are based on a template, but incorporate elements specific to our customer's unique requirements. Product Add-Ons Ultimate allows us to add the fields to our product pages that collect the customer's information, and incorporate that information into an order, without direct interaction between us (a huge time and cost savings for us and our customers). Simply put, we couldn't do what we do without this plugin.

David GlassPersonal News Network

User image

Better Variations

This is the only plugin I've found that handles out of stock variations well!

The default WooCommerce behaviour is poor: the out of stock options are shown as though they are in stock, and it's only when they are selected the customer finds that they can't order. I bought this plugin to fix that and am delighted.

With the plugin, the out of stock options can be greyed out and made unselectable, or the styling (colour and sort order) of the variations can be altered to make the out of stock options appear at the bottom of the list and they are clearly shown in a different colour with a message. I've even integrated the plugin with use of a waitlist so customers can reserve stock when it's sold out.

Add in the ability to show when stock will be replenished with a date when due and the plugin will make you more than the purchase price in a short time just based on the improved user experience not losing sales!

The plugin author was attentive, provided excellent support and even helped me with some customisations.

Highly recommended.

Laurel E Armstrong de BuisseretBrommiemods


Product Add-Ons Ultimate

I have been using WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate for a jewelry and watches website that offers engraving on some of the products. It then offers different types of engraving, and different pricing depending on different factors.

The plugin deals with all these little conditional situations seamlessly. It was easy to set up and any time I had a query the support was excellent.

Thomas Bartlett

thomas bartlett

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

My client needed some extra functionality on their WooCommerce site. This plugin from Plugin Republic is robust and easy to use. It works seamlessly and support is quick and effective.

I would recommend this plugin to anyone who uses WooCommerce. Excellent value for money.

Ryan ButterworthDigital Alchemist,

ryan butterworth e1556543668430

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

I'm loving using WooCommerce Product Add Ons Ultimate to implement a gift economy store.

I've needed support a couple of times, and Gareth has been fabulous - very quick to respond, and at one stage even logged in to my site and fixed it up for me. Thanks Gareth 🙂

Julie Lawrence


Product Add-Ons Ultimate

We wanted to add conditional product options and be able to charge based on number of characters entered for a specific product option.  We can use this to add all product options and variations.

The plugin is excellent and very easy to use. It allows us to add any product option and it looks great for the user. Very easy to understand.

When we had a question about an issue we were facing we received a reply within a few hours. Excellent service!

Carolien BronEcht Uniek

User image

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

I have used the plugin for a client site. My client sells beds and mattresses and they have a ton of add-ons such as different headboard types and colours. To create all of these as variants would have created over 36,000 products. Our solution was to offer these products as product add-ons. This saved a huge amount of time and reduced the overall size of the database making the site fast and great for customers.

I had purchased the plugin previously for another client but unfortunately it didn't fulfil the requirement. The support team were great and immediately offered a refund. Thats why I had confidence that if there were any issues it would not be a problem.

Brian KellyMelted House Digital Ltd

Logo Circle Grey Outline@2x

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

Our client needed more customization, but didn't want to spend a lot of cash.

This plugin provided a means of adding additional information.

Gareth provides exceptional customer support.

Jacqueline SylviaJS Web Solutions

User image

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

We found WooCommerce 'product variations' alone wasn't sophisticated enough for our mattress and base customisation options.

This plug-in allows customers to choose from a selection of mattress options, not just size, but surface material and even the feel of the supportive layers. Similarly, Add-Ons Ultimate enables our bases products to have timber and colour options, each with differing prices.

Great support. Thanks for bearing with me navigating the setup.


User image

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

The pricing calculations for user inputted measurements and costings for extra features was the biggest challenge for us.  We had tried other plugins but none did what we needed.

This plugin's extra functionality really helped to be able to accept user inputs in measurements and we were then able to calculate measurements and ascertain the correct costings for the customer order.

Gareth has been exceptionally helpful with after sales enquiries. Very responsive and excellent customer care. Fully recommend this plugin to anyone that is looking to extend the functionality of WooCommerce.

Thanks again!

Danny HarveyDanny Harvey Media

soc med profile1

The plugin is great. We were able to fulfill all the wishes of our customers. Thanks a lot for this. The support is very helpful and fast.

Sylvia DöhringDöhring Digital e.K.

User profile image

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

On my website I offer personalised products. I was looking for a plugin that doesn't just allow you to enter a name, but offers more complex queries, such as paid additional options or conditional queries. I also wanted to be as flexible as possible. There should be a global possibility to set a specific field under a set of products as well as on the product page itself. The visual appearance was also very important to me. Since some products have several personalisations, it is important that not everything is just listed below each other in an unattractive way. All plugins I had looked at before either did not have the functions I needed or they were not what I was looking for in terms of appearance.

Product Add-Ons Ultimate solved all my problems. I am always surprised how versatile the plugin is. Even more complex queries can be implemented without problems. Also the visuals are great. Especially if you have multiple queries, the accordion or tab view is worth its weight in gold. Woocommerce variants were a thing of the past, today I prefer to use the "Image Swatch", because it looks much more chic and the visitor can see the variants directly.

The support is really great. If you have any questions, a quick and competent answer follows. Suggestions for changes are implemented within a very short time, and also smaller bugs are quickly corrected. The plugin is updated regularly and the update is - in contrast to some other plugins on other platforms - directly imported via the backend of WordPress. The plugin is definitely worth its money! A definite buy.

Carina Felske

Blank user image

Excellent and useful plugins. Technical support is fast, available and decisive even for complex problems. Good job.

Marco BrughiMarco Brughi

marco photo e1548411869122 600x600

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

WooCommerce Product Add Ons Ultimate is an awesome plugin! It's easy to use and the support is great. Adding fields to WooCommerce products has never been easier.

Henrik Jakobsen


Product Add-Ons Ultimate

I used this plugin for a webshop that sells custom made mosquito nets for windows and doors.

I'm glad to have found this crankbait because this was a bull's-eye!  No need to try other plugins.  We can now sell the products made to measure for our customers. It works fast!

Thank you very much for the support by email! It's much appreciated.

Johan KuurmanEasy Flex Solutions

User image

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

Great plugin but, above all, responsive and quick support! Thank you again for your help and your work! Keep going.

Esteban Brives


Product Add-Ons Ultimate

We were working on a site for a local glass company to implement a cut-to-size glass ordering system and needed to figure out how to implement a system in WooCommerce that would be able to deal with so many variables such as height, width, area, perimeter, price per square metre for over 60 products.  Also additional patterns or finish types for those products such as cornering, processing, toughening, etc also needed to be incorporated.

We considered Gravity Forms but needed something that was much more user friendly.

The ability to use global add-ons and to then be able to select which specific products can make use of the add-ons has been invaluable.

Nicole HowesNu Image Design

User image

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

I use Add-Ons Ultimate to add many different types of custom options to handpicked products. We needed a huge lot of flexibility: different field types, fields to be conditional and custom calculations.

Product Add-Ons Ultimate saved us many hours of development and testing these features. We can use all the essential types of inputs: do custom calculations using fields, make fields dependent on one another and all of this will be saved as product info.

The support is quick and knows their way around the plugin, not to mention the useful hints that I got for some extra tweaks that made me very happy 🙂

Kaia Konsap

kaia square

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

This is my first time using this plugin. We are using it to build online ordering for a sandwich shop. I'm very happy with the results. The plugin is easy to use and well thought out. I will certainly use it again in the future.

Built in WooCommerce variations simply weren't enough in this case. There were conditional answers that altered what would be shown in other variations. This provided that and much more.

I hadn't tried any other products beforehand but after a week of research this was the plugin that won my money. First reason was the features appeared to be well planned. Second, there were enough positive reviews. Third, there was extremely clear well thought out documentation on the website WITH examples! Lastly and an extra bonus the developer is active and responds to customers!

This plugin has saved time creating something that would be impossible with out of the box WooCommerce.

I will be purchasing additional plugins without hesitation!


Edward O’RourkeJupiter Multimedia LLC

User image

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

I have been using the plugin to create more personalized ecommerce websites for my clients.  With this plugin you can virtually create anything you want.

I'd previously tried the WooCommerce version but I didn't like it at all.  This plugin allowed me to offer my clients the level of customization they were asking without having to charge them a huge amount of money for custom made software.

The documentation and demo website was very helpful and fundamental in helping me create what I wanted to achieve.

It would be great, if in time, the multi-language features of this plugin will be implemented, but other than that it's a solid 5 stars!

SylviaConfartigianato Prato

User image

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

Incredible addition to WooCommerce. We could not find anything like this plugin in the marketplace. The support is solid and the development sound. We even customized it for a client that loved it. Top notch staff and support.

Awesome team.

Cary Chandlerimavex

cary chandler

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

We are using conditional logic on product variations and really wanted to be able to set conditional logic globally based on an attribute, but we had to add variations in order to then manually add each variation to the conditional logic.

We tested others but nothing allowed us to do the conditional logic with file uploads like we wanted.  We were thrilled that this plugin allowed us to add a file upload to our products that was triggered by a variation! We could not find any others out there that were this simple to use.

Andy Baker

Andy B

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

I had trouble finding an add-ons plugin that would suit my clients needs to create a multi-step bundle product add-on.  This plugin has top notch customer service support and the team have helped me with my questions. Probably the best I've encountered. I have built a few other clients sites with inferior plugins before now. Going forward I will recommend all my clients that we use Product Add-Ons Ultimate.

Vanessa RoseFreelance Web Designer

User image

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

We're currently developing a website for a window blinds company, who wish to sell a variety blinds with different heights and widths. They use pricing tables just like in your blog post about this subject.

Plugin Republic's product appeared to the only one capable of providing calculations for blinds which have different heights and widths, where 50 wide and 80 high equals say £30 and 80 high and 50 wide equals £90. WooCommerce's 'official' measurements plugin cannot do this (I asked them about this and they confirmed that it would not service these requirements, and I think even recommended your plugin - though I came upon yours via a Google search).

The plugin has allowed us to assign pricing tables (width by height) to products.  Without this feature I'm not sure how you could accommodate window blinds as it seems to me (and I'm learning window blinds are not as simple as they seem!) without the plugin there was no way the shop was going to get made with the correct prices.

Stephen CollinsDigital Zest

User image

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

I've used this plugin to create custom product processes for a client site.  Other plugins that I tried didn't have options for conditional variations or custom pricing.

I tried several other plugins beforehand. Some were for specialty uses and some were for general uses, but this plugin was more useful and flexible than any of the others.

The plugin has helped improve workflow by knowing that I can use this plugin for any site that needs custom product variations.

Absolutely fantastic plugin, I would recommend this to anyone looking to add custom products to their site.

Frankie Henry

User image

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

My client's website is  a 'Music shop'.

We would not be able to have this Music website without a product customization plugin as instrument rentals can get quite specific. It is a huge benefit that this plugin not only allows you to display certain fields based on other field values (conditionally), but it also allows you to set values by default.  The 'universal' fields option is very beneficial so we don't have to create very large fields for *some* products.

A few awesome things about this plugin were that if you selected the wrong field type (for example selected radio instead of checkbox‚ and you changed the field type, the values you entered were maintained for the new type of field. Another huge benefit of this plugin was the conditional setting. . . it's very cool you can say, 'show based on xxx field' and this plugin gives you the values for xxx field to select! (this helps eliminated user errors in Dev). The biggest value of this plugin was the ability to set multiple default options for the checkbox fields. My client is very happy with this ability.

My Music website currently has 24 products thus far with a LOT of options for each product. It took days to enter all the information with an alternate plugin and only hours with Plugin Republic's plugin. The code is neat and clean and the admin side runs quite well. It certainly makes a developer's job so much easier. I will definitely come back to Plugin Republic in the future when I have WooCommerce needs.

Wendi WestCollective IT Solutions, Inc.

BCC692A2 D514 4555 90E6 E3F9A47880F6

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

I sell personalized gifts boxes, so this plugin means everything to me.  My site was worth nothing because I couldn't personalize products.  This plugin is the essence of my site, without it I can't sell my product, or have to call each customer to know their personalization.

I was stuck for several things on this plugin for days, I send you an email and within 2 hours I got a reply with the solution, thank you so much!

Maissa NehdiKalybox

User image

Better Variations, Product Add-Ons Ultimate

We use the Better Variations plugin to add a bulk buy option to customisable products and variations in conjunction with the Product Add-Ons Ultimate plugin.

WooCommerce does not offer any bulk buy options, you have to add products one by one to the cart. This is not a good user experience for products that have many variations and customisable options.

The plugin solved all the problems and Gareth even did some custom development work to make it do exactly what we wanted. He's even helped resolve a conflict with another plugin.

Aaron StapleNettl of Plymouth

Photo of Aaron Staple

Fees and Discounts

I wanted something that offered bulk discounts and something that offered discounts to specific user roles throughout my site. The Fees and Discounts plugin fixed both of my problems with one plugin.

Andrew KunkelNutriFierce

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Product Add-Ons Ultimate

We use the plugin to generate personal greeting cards to go with the customer's order.

The plugin works very good. Visitors to the site can now choose the picture on the card, write a message and upload a logo. Every part can be charged.

I am very happy with the quick and helpful replies on my e-mails.

Jeroen Arian


Product Add-Ons Ultimate

I used the plugin on my online web-shop for the sale of flowers and plants. Specific questions must be answered by the customer to deliver their product correctly. This plugin is completely suitable for this! And above all easy to insert on the website.

Previously, I tried a lot off plugins ... but either they couldn't do some things. Or I found the installation very complicated.

I had a problem with the plugin, but it was a mistake of mine. After some email traffic Plugin Republic's support discovered where my mistake was.

The plugin has solved everything I ever missed in my web-shop for me!

Kristof VerdonckFlorist Verdonck

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Product Add-Ons Ultimate

This plugin has solved one of our main issues, allowing customers to upload images and also take care of any additional costs that may be charged in customising a product. We are very pleased that we are able to make small changes in code to remove some functions on certain products. All of this was well supported in the documentation and after sales support.

We are very happy to have found this plugin. For anyone running a small business in an industry like ours, it allows you to have some good product customisation options without having to spend a lot of money on custom coding. I have also found the support very responsive and answers all our questions.

Tony AllenDotcolour

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Product Add-Ons Ultimate

We've helped one of our clients by adding product add-ons to their webshop. I'm very happy with the quality of the Product Add-Ons Ultimate plugin. It's easy to see that this software is more robust than many other WordPress plugins and that it's created by a more experienced developer.

We've tried some free plugins (f.a. PPOM for WooCommerce), but they were nowhere near the quality of the plugins of Plugin Republic.

Good quality software with fast and friendly service. Recommended!



Product Add-Ons Ultimate

WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate is the best plugin for product customization with additional fields. Especially if you need a table to choose the prices for the various dimensions for your project.

This plugin allowed me to create input fields for dimensions of the curtains my client offers on his webshop. When you drop in the dimensions, the plugin grabs the data from the uploaded table. So elegant!

Thank you Gareth, you have saved me a lot of time.  Keep up the good and honest work!




Matej Franjić

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Advanced Calculations

Advanced Calculations allowed me to create input fields for the dimensions of the curtains that my client offers on his web shop. When you drop in the dimensions, the plugin grabs the data from the uploaded table. So elegant! The whole setup was very easy and saved me a lot of time.

Matej Franjić

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Members Only

Well, this is a different kind of review. Sometimes things don't go the way you wanted. I got the Members Only plugin but it didn't satisfy my customer's need. After the purchase, I had to ask for a refund. And I was shocked (positively) with the customer service I received. Plugin Republic replied almost immediately(!), tried to help me solve my customer's need, and when that didn't work they refunded me in less than 24 hours!!! I have never been so satisfied by a deal that didn't work out.

Vassilis LymperopoulosMetis Agency

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Product Add-Ons Ultimate

I am going to use the plugin to configure cabinets on our website and was needing to filter selections based on previous selections and apply percentage up-charges to a base price.

The plugin has allowed me to filter selections and apply correct pricing.

Gareth has been very helpful and responsive.

Greg HolemanCrestwood, Inc.

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Product Add-Ons Ultimate

We are currently using the plugin for a monogramming service add-on for selected products on our online store.  We struggled to find an "out of the box" solution which required minimal setup.  Thanks to Plugin Republic's Add-Ons Ultimate plugin, we have been able to offer a customized monogramming service with minimal setup to our customers.

Bardin EllisHeadway Digital


Product Add-Ons Ultimate

We use the WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate plugin for many reasons. One of the greatest features for us right now is the calculations option.

Had some issues, but the support has been great and all the issues were solved quickly.

This is a great plugin!

HelmutTripleTribe B.V.

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Product Add-Ons Ultimate

We used this plugin for one of our customers for a configurator in an online shop.  We had tried other plugins, but they did not meet our requirements and this one was very user friendly and self explanatory.

During the development of the configurator some problems arose, Gareth helped us quickly and was able to solve them very professionally.

At the end we could build a very complex configurator which met all our requirements to make the customer happy.

Niklas PflegerNJP IT GmbH

Testimonial Nik

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

This plugin is great, it works perfectly. We have made some customizations with 'snippets' and the Plugin Republic team have been so helpful with this. I highly recommend this plugin.

Allison ClarkComfab Products

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Product Add-Ons Ultimate

It is a very good plugin - exactly what we're looking for.

All issues was resolved very quickly. Great support.

Dumitru Gavrila

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Product Add-Ons Ultimate

I found this plugin via the meal kit subscription post and it was perfect for what I needed; it looks great and does exactly what it says. It also offers options for my clients to expand on their offerings in the future.

The support provided was fantastic, and I'm looking forward to using this on other client websites.


SophieKitsune Creative Co

Sophie Kitsune Creative Co

Bookings for WooCommerce

I am using the plugin for a client that rents salon suites to health and beauty professionals, so they can in turn service their own clientele. Your plugin was a perfect fit.

I found everything fairly easy to figure out and was able to meet all of the requirements of the client so far.

Jeff KolakowskiOutward Image

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Members Only

I actually used the plugin to solve a problem I had with automatically adding users to a forum in WP Foro. That plugin "syncs" its user groups with WP roles. I used your plugin to assign users, when they purchased something in WooCommerce, to a custom role. Therefore, they were automatically added to user groups and gained access to that forum. Pretty cool.

There was another developer who had a plugin specially for what I needed, but it didn't actually use user groups / roles. It didn't meet my needs.

Glad I found you. 🙂

Jay Garveysimplify101

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Product Add-Ons Ultimate

I found this plugin to replace our old Photo printing website! It worked flawlessly from the beginning. Gareth gave great support fundamental on onboarding. And some bugs found on the go were fixed super fast.


Cara circulo4 128px

Product Add-Ons Ultimate

I have used the Add-Ons plugin to totally replace the annoying variations typically used in a WooCommerce environment. It has totally streamlined the process of making complex products!

I had a few hiccups  in the process, but Gareth was amazingly quick in response and helped get everything sorted out!

Previously, I had downloaded just about every plugin I could find to help my situation. Nothing did the trick until I stumbled across the Add-Ons plugin! The quality of Gareth’s work is top-notch!

I’ve been able to make very complex products that just were not possible with the standard attribute/variation system found in WooCommerce. This plugin has made products extremely easy to create AND manage.


Jason SwanSwan Vinyl Works

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Product Add-Ons Ultimate

We have very niche products and needed a way to customize each.  Gareth's plugins have allowed us to customize our products to exactly what we want.

Install and use has been fantastic. Couldn't be happier.

Dana MartDJM Design CAD & Coordination

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Product Add-Ons Ultimate

I used the plugin to create a click and collect custom salad for a client.  It had been difficult to visually select ingredients for a custom salad but the plugin purchased enabled me to create a customized product with a good UX layout.

Amazing, fast and efficient support from Plugin Republic.

Clément Blondel

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Product Add-Ons Ultimate

I'd just like to say thank you for the WooCommerce Product Add Ons Ultimate plugin. It is absolutely brilliant. I disastrously went through several possible plugins prior to finding this plugin, and love that WooCommerce Product Add Ons Ultimate is so simple to operate. I especially appreciate that the thumbnail is there after a client has uploaded a file. That was especially important to me.

I'd also like to thank you for the support you gave me when I was installing this plugin.

Gillian BlundellWagzPrint

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