Complete Guide to setting up custom taxonomies on WooCommerce (2022)

Find out how to add a WooCommerce custom taxonomy for your products the easy way using WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate.

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The 7 best plugins to customize your WooCommerce pages [2023]

Find out the best WooCommerce Product Add-ons plugins and how to use it to sell customised products in WooCommerce.

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WooCommerce variation price – how to change the way variable price products are shown

Find out how to change the WooCommerce variation price on your online store to increase sales and customise the way product prices are shown.

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The best WooCommerce inventory management tools

Find out the best tools for WooCommerce stock management and how better stock management can help you grow your bottom line.

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Creating Custom Order Fields in WooCommerce: A Guide

Find out how to create WooCommerce custom order fields to add more value to your products and increase average order value.

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How to create WooCommerce product bundles: two methods

Learn how to create WooCommerce product bundles in two different ways

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How to add a date picker field to WooCommerce

Find out how to add a WooCommerce date picker to your product pages in a few simple steps using the WooCommerce Add-Ons Ultimate plugin.

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How to create a WooCommerce price matrix

The default WooCommerce shop page displays products with large images, prices, and add-to-cart buttons. This isn’t suitable for all types of products. If customers typically purchase multiple products per sale or if you sell products with variations, creating a WooCommerce price matrix can help you enhance the customer’s shopping experience.

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How the BonBon Boys use Add-Ons Ultimate to sell pick ‘n’ mix sweets

In our latest case study, we chat with Kalem and Joe, aka the Bonbon Boys: a Dorset-based duo with a passion for confectionery and who deliver boxes of tasty Pick ‘n’ Mix directly to your door. 

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