Add content to empty EDD checkout page

Easy Digital Downloads is a great piece of software if you’re selling plugins and themes. I’m using it on the Wisdom plugin site (Wisdom allows plugin developers to get information about where and how their plugins are being used). Because this website only sells one product, I’ve enabled the EDD feature to redirect the user straight to the checkout page after adding the product to their basket. Read more

Updating the WooCommerce mini-cart via AJAX

The mini-cart is a scaled-down version of the WooCommerce cart. It’s the template that the WooCommerce Cart widget uses to display the user’s cart in the sidebar or footer. In a client build, I decided to use the mini-cart template to display the user’s cart when they hover over the cart icon in the navigation menu. However, I found that with caching plugins also running, it’s possible to run into problems with the mini-cart not displaying the correct information to users – in effect, they’d be viewing the contents of other users’ carts. Read more