How to move domain without losing SEO or subscription payments

I recently rebranded this website, moving from one domain to a new domain. In doing so, I had three major concerns:

  1. I’d lose all the SEO value I’d built up over the years for the previous domain – and therefore all the traffic I get from search
  2. I’d no longer be able to collect recurring payments for plugins purchased from the site on the old domain
  3. Users would not be able to get automatic updates for new versions of products

This is a step-by-step account of everything I did to ensure that my worst fears weren’t realised.

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Hello Plugin Republic

I’ve rebranded Catapult Themes to Plugin Republic.

Why the rebrand?

The name ‘Catapult Themes’ was increasingly becoming a misnomer. Although I had a couple of themes for sale, I have been focusing on plugins, and making the switch to concentrate solely on plugins made sense for the following reasons: Read more