How to add order bumps to WooCommerce [2023]

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Did you know that there’s a secret weapon in eCommerce that can supercharge your sales and make your checkout process a breeze? It’s called an order bump, and it’s a game-changer for increasing conversions and boosting your revenue!

Order bumps are targeted offers that tempt customers to add an extra item to their cart before they hit the buy button. Not only can they increase your average order value and earnings per click, but they can also improve your customers’ overall shopping experience.

Think about it: no one likes a clunky, confusing checkout process that takes forever to complete. By offering personalized and relevant order bumps, you can make the checkout process more efficient and enjoyable for your customers. And when customers have a positive experience, they’re more likely to come back for more and recommend your store to their friends.

If you’re running a WooCommerce site, order bumps are a must-have tool in your arsenal. With the right strategy and implementation, you can see conversion rates soar by more than 60%! So don’t wait – start implementing order bumps today and watch your eCommerce business thrive.

In this article, we’ll explore the full benefits of order bumps, and show you how you can easily implement them in your store using a plugin called WooCommerce Order Bump.

What are order bumps?

Order bumps are a sales technique used by brands that want to offer customers an additional or complementary product or service during the checkout process. These products are typically add-ons to the focal product the customer is already interested in buying from your WooCommerce site, and are often offered at a discounted price.

By using this technique, brands can not only boost their sales revenue but also improve the customer experience. Customers appreciate being offered relevant and personalized add-ons that can enhance their purchase and save them time and money.

So, what kind of products or services can you offer as order bumps? The possibilities are endless! For example, if you’re selling a camera, you could offer a memory card or a camera bag as an add-on. Or, if you’re selling a software product, you could offer an extended warranty or a training course. Here are a few other common examples:

  • A customer purchases a laptop from your online store and you charge a small fee for an extended warranty.
  • A customer buys a new phone case and sees an order bump for a tempered glass screen protector that complements the phone case.
  • A customer purchases a subscription to a project management tool and sees an order bump for a discounted upgrade to a premium plan with more features.
  • A customer purchases a book on leadership and sees an order bump for a discounted audiobook version of the same title.

The key is to offer something that is relevant and useful to your customers, without overwhelming them with too many options. By offering just one or two well-targeted order bumps, you can increase your average order value, improve customer satisfaction, and boost your bottom line.

How are order bumps different from upsells?

An order bump is an offer made to customers at some point during their shopping journey, and is usually at the checkout stage or when they’re ready to make payments and checkout from your online store. However, there are WordPress plugins that let you display order bumps at other strategic points such as the product page after a customer has added an item to the cart or in the cart page.

The point of an order bump is to entice the customer to increase their order value. While an upsell can be a type of order bump, upsells are upgraded versions of the focal product. For instance, if a customer purchases an iPhone 14, you can showcase the iPhone 14 Pro as an upsell or the higher-priced, upgraded version of the product the customer is already interested in.

While you can use order bumps to offer one-click upsells on your online store, you can also show cross-sells and related products using custom order bumps.

Benefits of order bumps

Now that we’ve established what order bumps are, it’s time to explore the exciting world of their benefits! These nifty little additions to your e-commerce store have the potential to make a huge impact on your business. Let’s take a closer look at all the ways they can help you drive more sales, keep your customers happy, and take your store’s performance to new heights.

Increased average order value

Offering additional products or services at the point of checkout can encourage customers to spend more on their orders. As a result, it can help increase the average order value on your online store. In fact, order bumps can increase the revenue generated on your WooCommerce site by 40% and are one of the best ways to encourage shoppers to spend more.

Higher conversions

By offering additional products or services at a critical point in the customer journey, order bumps can tap into the psychological principle of impulse buying and encourage customers to make a spontaneous purchase. This is because you’re offering better products or similar products to the ones customers are already interested in purchasing.

In addition to this, order bumps also show customers everything they need in one transaction. As a result, it not only creates a positive shopping experience but also increases customer satisfaction. For instance, if a customer adds a gardening tool to their cart, you can show other gardening-related products in an order bump to make their purchase more comprehensive and useful to them.

Improved store performance

Order bumps can help store owners optimize their product offers, increase product visibility, and better understand their customer’s needs and preferences. This is because order bumps are an excellent way to offer relevant product upgrades that are based on the focal product your customers are already interested in purchasing from you.

Implementing order bumps in your WooCommerce site can lead to an overall improvement in your store’s performance and makes it easier to manage inventory. As a result, it helps increase revenue for your brand and makes your marketing efforts all the more worthwhile.

How to add order bumps to a WooCommerce site

While WooCommerce, by default, doesn’t come with built-in features that let you create and showcase order bumps on your online store, you can achieve this either by using a plugin or code.

Coding is only recommended if you’re an experienced developer who can troubleshoot if required. On the other hand, many WordPress plugins make it incredibly easy to add order bumps to your WooCommerce site and maximize sales.

Best WooCommerce order bump plugins

Here, we’re going to look at some of the best WooCommerce order bump plugins so you can choose the right one for your business.

#1. WooCommerce Order Bump

WooCommerce Order Bump is a professional WooCommerce plugin that offers the most effective way to sell more products and increase revenue by setting up order bumps on your online store.

WooCommerce Order Bump featured image

WooCommerce Order Bump

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It gives you full control over the customizability of your order bumps and is perfect for brands that are looking to increase their average order value. By using the plugin, you can display a modal pop-up at important points in your online store, such as the product page, cart page, or checkout page. You can specify which products or product categories will trigger order bumps and set up multiple order bumps on your online store.

You can also set up discounted prices for products that you feature on order bumps created using the plugin. Additionally, you have the option to choose from two different layouts, including a standard product archive style or simple checkboxes.

Thanks to its intuitive setup and range of features, the WooCommerce Order Bump plugin is the best option for all types of users, including non-coders, developers, and clients. It comes with world-class support and documentation, with hooks and filters available for developers to customize the plugin.

#2. Order Bump for WooCommerce

Order Bump for WooCommerce is another popular plugin that lets you set up customizable order bumps on your online store.

Order Bump for WooCommerce

Using this plugin, you can offer last-minute incentives or deals using order bump pop-ups or upsell funnels. You have the option to set up multiple types of discounts including percentage-based discounts, fixed discounts, or charge a fixed price.

The design templates are also fully customizable and make it easy to set up order bumps according to your brand’s unique requirements and aesthetic. The plugin also gives you full control over where order bumps are displayed on the checkout page of your WooCommerce site. In addition to this, you also have access to detailed reports on the performance of your WooCommerce site including visitor count, order count, the conversion rate, and the total revenue earned.

#3. YITH WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together

YITH WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together is a plugin designed to let you implement cross-sell deals by displaying goods that are frequently purchased together in a separate section on product pages.

YITH WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together

You have full control over which products or goods appear in the “Frequently purchased together” box on your single product pages. You can fully customize the labels as well as give customers discounted deals on the frequently bought together products.

In addition to this, you can also set a discount for multiple purchases and redirect shoppers to the checkout page automatically as soon as they click on the “add to cart” button.

Adding order bumps to WooCommerce using WooCommerce Order Bump

If you’re looking to boost your WooCommerce site’s sales and revenue, you won’t want to miss this step-by-step guide on how to seamlessly integrate order bumps into your checkout process using the WooCommerce Order Bump plugin.

Step #1: Install and activate the WooCommerce Order Bump plugin

To begin, get the WooCommerce Order Bump plugin and install it on your WordPress site. To install a new plugin to your WooCommerce site, navigate to Plugins → Add New and upload the plugin’s .ZIP file to your site and click on the Install Now button to continue.

Once you install the plugin on your WooCommerce site, you’ll need to activate its license key. For this, navigate to WooCommerce → Settings → Order Bump and click on the Licence link from the top.

Enter the license key given to you at the time of purchase and click on the Activate this license button to continue.

Step #2: Choose where to display the order bump

Now that the WooCommerce Order Bump plugin is set up on your WooCommerce site, navigate to WooCommerce → Settings → Order Bump to choose where you want to display the order bump.

Order bump settings

Using the Bump Location dropdown menu, you can select where you want to add the bump on your WooCommerce site. If you choose Product Page using the Bump Location dropdown menu, you will need to choose what happens after users add the bump product to their cart using the After Add to Cart dropdown field.

For instance, you can choose to redirect users directly to the cart page as soon as they add the bump product to their cart. Once you’re done, click on the Save changes button to continue.

Step #3: Setup your order bump settings

Once you’ve set up the plugin’s settings, it’s time to start setting up an order bump on your online store. To do this, navigate to WooCommerce → Order Bumps and click on the Add New button.

Creating a new order bump

Give your new order bump a title using the Bump Applies To meta box and select which products or product categories from your online store will trigger the order bump to appear for customers.

Choose which products you want to display in your order bump

The Bump Content meta box lets you customize how your order bump looks and feels on the front end of your WooCommerce site. Using the Bump Products field, specify which products will appear as the “bump” products once customers meet the Bump Applies To criteria.

Setting a discount on an order bump

The WooCommerce Order Bump plugin also lets you add discounts for bump products that are shown to customers. This is a great way to encourage more shoppers to add bump products to their cart before checking out from your online store. Once you’re done making changes, click on the Publish button to continue.

Order bump WooCommerce preview

When users add specific products or products from a specified category, the order bump pop-up will automatically appear on the front end.

Order bump strategies for compelling offers

Knowing what kind of order bumps you need to offer on your online store can be difficult, especially if this is your first time setting them up. Let’s go over some of the best order bump strategies for creating compelling bump offers on your WooCommerce site.

Understand your target audience

To create effective order bumps that will appeal to your customers, it’s important to first understand your target audience. This involves gathering customer data, conducting market research, and segmenting your customer base to gain insights into their preferences, needs, and shopping behavior. By understanding your target audience, you’ll be better equipped to create order bumps that are tailored to their interests and needs.

Offer relevant products or services

When creating order bumps, it’s essential to offer relevant products or services that complement the original or focal product the customer is interested in purchasing. For example, if a customer is buying a mobile phone, you can offer them a discounted phone charger as an order bump. Similarly, if a customer purchases a t-shirt from your online store, you can offer jeans or a cap as additional accessories that complement their original purchase.

Create urgency and exclusivity

To make your order bumps more compelling, it’s important to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity. Limited-time deals or exclusive discounts can make it harder for customers to resist adding an order bump to their cart before checking out. This creates a fear of missing out on a one-time deal and encourages customers to act quickly.

Test and optimize

You also want to focus on testing and optimizing your order bumps before they are published to your online store to ensure maximum effectiveness and performance.

Store owners can use A/B testing methods as well as customer feedback to improve order bump offers and make them more compelling for their target audience. In addition to this, you can also use performance data to continually improve order bump offers and increase conversions.

Add order bumps to your store with Woocommerce Order Bump

In conclusion, implementing order bumps on your WooCommerce site is a smart way to boost conversions and increase your store’s revenue. By offering additional or complementary products during the checkout process, you can entice customers to spend more and increase their average order value. Moreover, order bumps provide a more efficient and satisfying shopping experience for customers, improving their overall satisfaction with your store.

While adding order bumps to WooCommerce can be challenging for those without coding experience, using a plugin like WooCommerce Order Bump simplifies the process and provides a range of features to customize and optimize your order bump strategy. Even developers and coders will appreciate the ease and flexibility that this plugin provides. So, whether you’re a seasoned eCommerce pro or just starting out, consider using WooCommerce Order Bump to take your online store to the next level.

WooCommerce Order Bump featured image

WooCommerce Order Bump

Increase sales and maximise your store revenue

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Ready to start adding ordering bumps to WooCommerce? Get WooCommerce Order Bump today!

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