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Product fields

Product fields allow you to use other products as extra fields in your WooCommerce product.

Note that product fields are only available when you purchase the Pro version of the plugin.

To add a product field, just choose ‘Products’ from the ‘Field Type’ dropdown list.

Standard parameters

See this article for an overview of the standard parameters available to product fields.

Product field parameters

Product fields have some parameters that are not shared by all fields:

Product layout

Choose how your child products will be displayed on the front end:

  • Checkboxes let you add one or more child products as an addon field. The customer can select multiple child products within the field that will get added to the cart.
  • Radio buttons allow you to add one or more child products as an addon field, just like the checkboxes layout, though in the case of radio buttons the customer can only select one child product from the field.
  • Select lets you add your child products as a dropdown field.
  • Column displays your child products in a single column layout. Note that the ‘Column’ setting also allows you to use variable products as child products.

Product quantities

Choose how to manage the quantities of child products:

  • Independent: when you specify a product addon field’s quantity as independent, the customer will be able to purchase as many of the child product as they wish, regardless of how many of the parent product they’ve chosen
  • Linked: when you specify the quantity as linked, the quantity of the child product added to the cart will always be the same as the quantity of the parent product
  • One-only: when you specify the quantity as one-only, then only one child product can be added to the cart, regardless of how many of the parent product has been added

Number columns

Choose how many columns to display the image swatches in on the front end.

Hide labels

Select this option to hide the text labels and only display the images.

Minimum / Maximum Products

You can specify a minimum and/or maximum number of child products if you are using ‘Checkboxes’ as the ‘Products Layout’ and ‘Independent’ as the ‘Products Quantities’ type. You’ll see two new settings:

If you are specifying a minimum or maximum number of checkboxes, you might need to ensure that ‘Required field’ is checked in order to ensure that users select the required number of checkboxes.

Discounting child products

You can choose to offer a discount on child products. Just enter the value of the discount and the discount type, percentage or fixed.

The price of the child product will be adjusted accordingly.

Hiding child products on the site

If you don’t want users to find your child products on the site, you can set them to ‘Hidden’.

Note that the user could still find hidden products if they have the direct URL. To prevent users from accessing hidden products at all, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Product Add-Ons > Products and select the option to ‘Redirect hidden products’.

‘How to’ guides

There are several ‘how to’ guides with different ideas for using the Products field, including:

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