Plugin Features

WooCommerce product add-ons extra fields

Add option fields to WooCommerce products

Include extra option fields in WooCommerce product pages, including checkboxes, datepickers, file uploads, text inputs, number inputs, radio groups, select / dropdowns and Name Your Price fields.

You can also add custom prices to your extra options.

WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Global settings

Add fields globally or per product

WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate makes it easy for you, especially if you've got hundreds of products because you can add extras to individual products or globally.

When you're adding fields globally, you can specify conditional rules for which products display a field: either all products, by product ID, or by category

WooCommerce product add-ons conditional logic

Conditional logic

Show or hide options with conditional logic. For example, you can choose to display a field only if another field has been selected. You can also use the product price as the condition and choose to show different fields for different variations.

WooCommerce product add-ons flat rate fees

Apply the cost of options by quantity or just once

Product Add-Ons Ultimate's flat rate option lets you choose to apply the cost of field once only, whatever quantity the customer selects, or to multiply the cost of the field by the quantity.

You can even choose to set fields that are only applied once per order, not just once per product

WooCommerce product add-ons personalise products

Let customers personalise products

You can use WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate for all kinds of product personalisation and customisation

WooCommerce product add-ons child products

Child products (Pro)

Use products as add-ons to other products, so customers can add multiple products to their cart from one page

WooCommerce product add-ons image swatches

Image swatches (Pro)

A picture is worth a thousand words. WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate Pro allows you to upload images to accompany your radio buttons or checkbox groups to let your customers see what options they are adding.

WooCommerce product add-ons toggle tabs

Group toggles and tabs (Pro)

WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate let you add an unlimited number of fields and organise them into groups. With the Pro version you can keep your groups neat and arrange them into Accordions or Tabs

WooCommerce product add-ons percentage pricing

Percentage-based pricing (Pro)

Percentage based pricing lets you set the value of an option as a percentage of the product price. This works especially well with variations when each variation has a different price.

Percentage based pricing allows you to charge for extras according to the value of the product and its variations.

WooCommerce product add-ons checkbox groups

Checkbox groups (Pro)

Create groups of checkboxes and specify the minimum and/or maximum number of checkboxes that the user should select

Customer Reviews

I have been using Product Add-Ons Ultimate for a jewelry and watches website that offers engraving on some of the products. It then offers different types of engraving, and different pricing depending on different factors.

The plugin deals with all these little conditional situations seamlessly. It was easy to set up and any time I had a query the support was excellent.

Thomas Bartlett

I'm loving using WooCommerce Product Add Ons Ultimate to implement a gift economy store.

I've needed support a couple of times, and Gareth has been fabulous - very quick to respond, and at one stage even logged in to my site and fixed it up for me. Thanks Gareth :)

Julie Lawrence

About WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate

WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate is a custom product add-ons plugin which allows your customers to personalise your products. You can add extra options to your products like text boxes, dropdowns, checkboxes and radio buttons - and you can add as many additional fields as you like, giving you and your customers fine-grained control over configuring products.

Every field can be assigned a price, which either adds or even subtracts from the original product price, so you can charge your customers extra for personalisations. This allows you to add value to each of your products and increase your profitability.

Certain fields, like dropdowns and radio buttons, can have different prices associated with each option.

The Pro version also includes several advanced custom fields, like calculations, child products, and checkbox groups.

What kind of stores use Add-Ons Ultimate?

Add-Ons Ultimate can be used on any WooCommerce store where you need to add some extra options or fields, including:

  • Jewelry stores
  • Florists
  • Booking sites
  • Gift shops
  • Clothing and apparel stores
  • Print shops
  • Customisable greeting cards
  • Electronics and computer stores

Basically, if you want your customers to be able to personalise your products, then Add-Ons Ultimate is for you.



  • The most advanced product addons plugin available
  • Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish translations
  • Let your customers build their own products

Additional Information

RequiresWooCommerce 3.0+

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Feature Comparison

See how the difference in features between the Basic and Pro licences of WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate.

  Basic Licence Pro Licence
Annual price $49 $89
- Calculation -
- Checkbox
- Checkbox groups -
- Child products -
- Custom price
- Date
- Dropdown / Select
- File upload
- Image swatches -
- Information
- Number
- Quantity
- Radio buttons
- Text
- Textarea
Per character pricing
- Allow per character pricing
- Allow free characters -
- Only allow alphanumeric characters -
- Only charge for alphanumeric characters -
Child Product Features
- Simple and variable products -
- Min and max products -
- Set discounts -
Group fields
- Group fields
- Accordion -
- Tabs -
- Toggle -
Field prices
- Assign prices to fields
- Flat/fixed fees
- Percentage fees -
- Negative fees (discounts)
Conditional logic
- Show/hide fields based on values of other fields
- Show/hide fields based on cost of product in cart -
Advanced features
- Required fields
- Global add-ons
- Default values
- Variation specific fields

Add custom fields to WooCommerce products

Calculation field

Calculate values using formulas, the values of other fields, and global variables. Use the results to set the product price or just as simple values.

Checkbox field

Add a checkbox field. Checkboxes are really useful for encouraging users to purchases extras like extended warranties, gift wrapping, and other types of product add-on.

WooCommerce checkbox field

Checkbox group (Pro only)

Add a group of checkboxes. You can specify a minimum and maximum number of checkboxes that must be selected by the customer.

WooCommerce datepicker field

Date field

Add a field with a datepicker to your products. You can specify settings like minimum and maximum date and prevent users entering dates before the current day.

WooCommerce file upload field

File upload field

Add-Ons Ultimate is an advanced WooCommerce image upload plugin with optional AJAX drag and drop uploads, progress bars, and bulk upload features.


Display additional information about a product without needing user input. Ideal for meta data, additional technical information, nutritional values, etc.

WooCommerce name your price field

Name Your Price

WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate has a Name Your Price field type that you can use to allow customers to set their own prices. Set minimum and maximum values, add multiple fields to the same product, show or hide fields based on conditional logic - Name Your Price is a flexible way to add customer-defined pricing.

WooCommerce number field

Number field

Add a number field. You can specify a minimum and/or maximum value that the user can input.

You can also use the number field as a type of quantity field where the field price is multiplied by the field value.

WooCommerce product addons field

Products field (Pro only)

Include ‘child’ products as add-ons within your ‘parent’ product - perfect for when you want to track inventory or SKUs of your extra fields or if they should be part of shipping calculations.

For more information about the products field, take a look at this article.

WooCommerce radio fields

Radio group

Add as many radio controls as you wish. Each option can have a price associated with it which will be added to the order total.

WooCommerce swatches

Image swatches (Pro only)

Add image swatches to your radio buttons or checkboxes to present users with a more visual choice. Each option can have a price associated with it.

WooCommerce select field

Select field

Add a select field (dropdown list) with as many options as you wish. Each option can have a price associated with it which will be added to the order total.

WooCommerce text field

Text field

Add a text input field. You can specify the minimum and/or maximum number of characters permitted, or allow the user to enter as many characters as they wish.

Text fields can be used to provide simple messages, wording for engravings, biographical information, special requests - anything, in fact, which requires a short piece of text.

You can charge per character if you wish. In the Pro version, you can also allow a certain number of free characters and you can choose to only allow and/or charge for alphanumeric characters.

WooCommerce textarea field

Textarea field

Add a textarea field. You can specify the minimum and/or maximum number of characters permitted, or allow the user to enter as many characters as they wish.

You can charge per character if you wish.


What are the differences between the Basic and Pro licences?

The Basic licence for WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate entitles you to updates and support for 1 site. The Pro licence entitles you to updates and support for unlimited sites, plus extra features like percentage-based pricing and group accordions and tabs, plus extra fields like Child Products, Checkbox Groups and Image Swatches.

How long is the licence valid for?

Unless otherwise stated, licences are valid for a year. During that time you are entitled to receive free updates and support. Licences will automatically renew unless cancelled.

Will the licence still work if I cancel my subscription?

If you cancel your subscription, you'll still be entitled to free updates and support until the end of the subscription period. After that, the plugin will continue to work but you'll no longer be entitled to updates or support.

Is there a free trial?

I don't offer free trials but all products are backed by a 14 money back guarantee so if the plugin isn't what you wanted, I will issue you with a refund.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, there's a 14 day money back guarantee so if you purchase the plugin and decide you no longer want it, just drop me a line.

Will this plugin work with my theme?

All my plugins are independent of the theme being used so there shouldn't be any problems. If you do run into any issues, just let me know and I will take a look.