6 must-have product grid WordPress plugins for 2023

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The way you present products in your eCommerce store plays a pivotal role in attracting and engaging customers. Organizing your products into an attractive grid layout not only enhances the visual appeal of your store but also makes it more user-friendly. Customers can compare their purchasing options and add multiple products to their shopping cart without having to navigate to another page.

However, for many WooCommerce store owners, the process of setting up these grid layouts can be a bit perplexing.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the advantages of using product grids and introduce you to the top six product grid plugins available in 2023. Additionally, we’ll provide a quick tutorial to get you started using our personal favorite plugin. By the end of this read, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the world of product grids with confidence.

Why is a well-organized product grid essential?

A well-organized product grid plays a crucial role in WooCommerce, and its significance cannot be overstated. Let’s start by understanding what a product grid is: it’s a layout where multiple products are neatly showcased side by side.

Now, why does this matter? Imagine walking into a well-arranged store where items are displayed logically. Similarly, a well-organized product grid creates a seamless user experience, making it effortless for customers to explore and compare products. This convenience translates into a potential boost in sales – when customers find it easy to navigate and compare, they’re more likely to make purchases.

The benefits go beyond usability. A polished product grid elevates your site’s appearance, enhancing your brand’s impact on customers. The impression of professionalism and attention to detail goes a long way in building trust and customer loyalty.

Beyond appearances, a well-organized product grid also contributes to better website performance and improved SEO. Search engines appreciate structured content, leading to better search rankings and visibility for your store.

While some WooCommerce themes offer basic grid layouts, you might find them limiting. Here’s where dedicated product grid plugins come in. They provide enhanced options for displaying products, including improved layouts and advanced features like filtering – features that might surpass what your theme offers. Additionally, these plugins empower you to extend product grids beyond the standard shop page, allowing you to display them on your homepage or other landing pages, thus enhancing the overall shopping experience throughout your store.

Discover the top 6 must-have product-grid WordPress plugins for 2023

Let’s dive deep into the top 6 must-have product-grid WordPress plugins so you can decide on the right one for your eCommerce store.

#1. WooCommerce Product Table Ultimate

WooCommerce Product Table Ultimate featured image

WooCommerce Product Table Ultimate

List products in quick and easy order forms

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The WooCommerce Product Table Ultimate plugin offers a comprehensive solution for displaying your products in a table-style layout, which gives your customers the ability to view and add several different products to their cart at the same time.

While the plugin doesn’t strictly offer a product grid display, the table layout offers comparable and even superior benefits, as product tables are compact and packed with information. This means you can use columns to show more details about your products, making it easy for customers to compare without needing to visit many product pages. Unlike the regular grid view, there are no limits to how much info you can include.

The robust plugin lets you display either all of your shop’s products in a product table, products from specific categories, or only products with specific tags. In addition to improving your shop’s navigation, you can also let customers use filters and sorting options to quickly and easily find the product they’re interested in.

Store owners can add product tables anywhere using shortcodes or override the default WooCommerce shop and category pages. This makes it a versatile solution that lets you add customizable product tables to any part of your online store.

The WooCommerce Product Table Ultimate plugin is a great option for shop owners who are looking for a professional, easy-to-use plugin to enhance product display. Product tables created using the plugin are fully customizable and can be displayed anywhere on your WooCommerce site, making it the ideal option for most online stores.

#2. WooCommerce Better Variations

WooCommerce Better Variations featured image

WooCommerce Better Variations

Disable, style and sort out-of-stock variations

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The WooCommerce Better Variations plugin stands out as another essential addition to your WooCommerce toolkit, specifically tailored to enhance how product variations are showcased on your online store.

This user-friendly plugin streamlines the presentation of product variations into a grid layout. This layout is designed to simplify the ordering process for customers who intend to purchase multiple variations in larger quantities. Instead of relying on a standard, generic dropdown menu provided by the default WooCommerce plugin, shoppers can now access all the relevant variation details within a single view.

Additionally, WooCommerce Better Variations comes equipped with a set of built-in tools for managing product variations. For instance, you can easily highlight items that are out of stock and automatically position them at the bottom of the dropdown list. This strategic arrangement ensures that customers primarily encounter in-stock variations at the top, not only enhancing their shopping experience but also reducing the likelihood of order errors on your WooCommerce site.

Tailored for online stores boasting an extensive range of product variations, this plugin offers improved variation management and presents them in a conversion-focused grid layout. Ultimately, this approach bolsters sales figures while concurrently enriching the overall user experience of your online store.

#3. WooTabbed for WooCommerce Products


WooTabbed for WooCommerce Products by Quantum Cloud is a professional WooCommerce product grid solution that’s not only easy to use but also offers a wide range of customization features out of the box.

With over 10 different mobile-friendly pre-made designs to choose from, you can create a professional-looking product grid within a few minutes. You can customize the product grid to include specific products from your online store and set colors according to your brand’s unique aesthetics.

Additionally, the plugin comes with a responsive widget that lists your categories and subcategories on product pages. The lists are fully collapsible and let your customers quickly navigate to product or product category pages when shopping from your online store.

WooTabbed for WooCommerce Products is a good option if you’re looking for a premium plugin with a customizable product grid display and additional features such as collapsible category link widgets.

Essential Grid Gallery

With the Essential Grid Gallery plugin, you can choose from over 50 different templates for setting up a gallery product grid on your WooCommerce site, making it a simple solution for quickly creating product grids.

This plugin gives you the functionality to add videos to your product grid galleries, and you can import online videos from the most popular platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Vimeo.

Essential Grid Gallery is a solid plugin option for businesses that want to display product grids using videos and images to create a more interactive shopping experience for their customers.

Product Carousel Slider & Grid

The Product Carousel Slider & Grid plugin lets you display your shop’s products in two ways: a carousel slider or a product grid.

The simple plugin allows you to create a grid or carousel slider to display your products anywhere on your WooCommerce store. This not only helps enhance product display on your WooCommerce site but also makes it easier for shoppers to quickly browse through multiple products without having to navigate to other pages.

Additionally, the Product Carousel Slider & Grid plugin also comes with built-in add-to-wish capabilities. This can help you encourage customers to make more purchases.

The Product Carousel Slider & Grid plugin is a great option for online stores that want to display their products using attractive carousel sliders and product grids.

 #6. SeedProd


SeedProd is a full-fledged page builder for WooCommerce and WordPress websites that also lets you create beautiful, responsive product grids.

It comes with over 200 templates for setting up important WooCommerce pages without having to code a single line yourself. You can also fully customize how your product pages look and feel according to your brand’s unique aesthetics. Using SeedProd Blocks, you can add professional-looking product grids anywhere on your eCommerce store within a few clicks.

SeedProd is ideal for store owners who want tons of functionality and are willing to pay a much higher price than plugins designed to only build product grids.

How do you create a product grid in WooCommerce?

Let’s take a look at how you can install the WooCommerce Product Table Ultimate plugin and set it up for your online store:

Once you get the plugin, navigate to Plugins → Add New from the WordPress admin panel and upload the .ZIP file to your site before clicking on the Install Now button.

Click on the Activate this plugin link to continue. Now, navigate to WooCommerce → Settings → Product Table Ultimate and click on the Licence link from the top. Then paste the license key given to you at the time of purchase in the text field.

Click on the Activate button and then the Save Changes button to continue.

Now that the WooCommerce Product Table Ultimate plugin is installed and activated on your WooCommerce site, you can start creating product grids.

You can create product tables or product grids anywhere on your online store and customize which columns appear in the grids.

WooCommerce product grid plugin settings

You can choose to add or remove columns including thumbnails, product titles, SKUs, descriptions, stock-level attributes, and product categories. This way, you can display custom-looking product grids that display enough product information for your customers to make informed purchase decisions. Thanks to the plugin’s filtering capabilities, all columns can be sorted by your customers which lets them quickly find the products they need.

Product Table Ultimate preview

For instance, if your shop contains a lot of products, showcasing all of them in a single product table or product grid may overwhelm your customers. However, with sortable columns and filters, customers can quickly navigate to the product they’re interested in purchasing.

Additionally, you can also choose which products appear in your product grids and replace the default WooCommerce pages including the shop and category pages with a product grid layout.

With a product table or grid created using the WooCommerce Product Table Ultimate plugin, you can let your customers easily purchase several units of multiple products at the same time and proceed to the checkout page.

Product grid multiple products

Customers can use customizable dropdown lists to select their desired quantities, check the box next to the products they want to purchase, and then add all of them to their shopping cart at once using the add-to-cart button. This not only helps improve the shopping experience on your online store but also encourages your customers to spend more when shopping from your online store.

Take your store to the next level with WooCommerce Product Table Ultimate today!

A well-organized product grid used to display your WooCommerce products not only boosts the visual appeal of your online store but also helps increase sales for your business. While product grid displays are useful, product table layouts are another great alternative to the grid view as they are more information-dense and compact.

With so many WooCommerce product grid plugins to choose from, deciding on a single one can be a challenge, However, we recommend using the WooCommerce Product Table Ultimate plugin because it’s the best solution for stores that want an easy-to-use plugin that offers a lot of customization options.

WooCommerce Product Table Ultimate featured image

WooCommerce Product Table Ultimate

List products in quick and easy order forms

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Ready to start building product tables on your WooCommerce site? Get WooCommerce Product Table Ultimate today!

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