WooCommerce Better Variations

This is a simple plugin that allows you to:

  • Disable (grey out) variations that are out of stock
  • Display optional text like 'Sold out' next to the variation name
  • Display an optional 'Back in stock' date to let your customers know when to expect the item
  • Restyle options - display out of stock options in a different colour to in stock options
  • Resort options - display in stock variations above out of stock variations

Disable out of stock variations

Show back in stock dates for variations

Style variation options differently

WooCommerce style out of stock variations

Customer Reviews

This is the only plugin I've found that handles out of stock variations well!

The default WooCommerce behaviour is poor: the out of stock options are shown as though they are in stock, and it's only when they are selected the customer finds that they can't order. I bought this plugin to fix that and am delighted.

With the plugin, the out of stock options can be greyed out and made unselectable, or the styling (colour and sort order) of the variations can be altered to make the out of stock options appear at the bottom of the list and they are clearly shown in a different colour with a message. I've even integrated the plugin with use of a waitlist so customers can reserve stock when it's sold out.

Add in the ability to show when stock will be replenished with a date when due and the plugin will make you more than the purchase price in a short time just based on the improved user experience not losing sales!

The plugin author was attentive, provided excellent support and even helped me with some customisations.

Highly recommended.

Laurel E Armstrong de BuisseretBrommiemods

How to use this plugin

WooCommerce Better Variations is amazingly simple to set up. Once installed and activated, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Better Variations to update your settings.

Disable out of stock options

Check this field to disable (grey out) any variations that are out of stock.

Show unavailability text

Check this field to include text after out of stock variations.

Unavailability text

Enter the text that you'd like to appear after out of stock variations, e.g. 'Sold Out'.

Show Back in Stock date

If you'd prefer to show the date that the variation will be back in stock, you can check this field.

Back in Stock text

Add some optional text to precede the date that the variation will be back in stock, e.g. 'Back in stock on'

Hide dates in the past

If you want to ensure that dates that have already passed are not displayed, just check this field.

Styling your variations dropdown field

You can enable 'Select2' to enhance the variation dropdown fields.

In stock and out of stock variation colours

Just use the colour picker to enter different text colours for your in stock and out of stock options

Sort options

Enable this option to resort variations so that in stock variations appear first and out of stock variations appear at the bottom of the list.

Enabling stock management for variations

For this to work, you need to ensure that your variations have stock management enabled.

WooCommerce manage variation stock



  • Grey out variations that are out of stock
  • Specify custom text for 'Sold out' or 'Back in stock' date
  • Style and sort options

Additional Information

Last Updated7 May 2020
Release Date11 August 2018

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