Prevent widget from displaying programmatically

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While developing the WooCommerce Members Only plugin, I wanted a way to ensure that widgets were only available for certain users. You can do this using theĀ widget_display_callback filter – just return false to prevent the widget content from being rendered.

* This will hide widgets
* @param array $instance The current widget instance's settings.
* @param WP_Widget $this The current widget instance.
* @param array $args An array of default widget arguments.
function wcmo_filter_widget_display_callback( $settings, $widget, $args ) {
$can_access = false; // You need to set your conditions here
if( $can_access || in_array( $widget->name, $whitelist ) ) {
// If the user can view the widget, just return the settings
return $settings;
// Otherwise, return false to prevent the widget from rendering
return false;
add_filter( 'widget_display_callback', 'wcmo_filter_widget_display_callback', 10, 3 );

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