How to add custom cart item data in WooCommerce [2023]

Your ultimate guide to the woocommerce_add_cart_item_data action

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How to update existing WooCommerce cart meta data

Change the meta data for items that have already been added to the cart

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How to get products associated with a subscription in WooCommerce

A short snippet to get the product object from a WooCommerce subscription object

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Querying WooCommerce orders

How to get order, product and customer details from a WooCommerce order

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Create a popular posts shortcode in WordPress

Display the most popular posts on your site by comment count

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Override WooCommerce template from your plugin

How to include a WooCommerce template file in your plugin

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How to add a custom field to a WooCommerce Subscriptions variation product

Adding and saving custom fields in variable subscription products

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Redirect WooCommerce log-in form

How to set conditional redirects from your WooCommerce log-in form

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Add WooCommerce tags to your plugin

Declare the minimum version and the latest version you’ve tested against

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