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Dynamic pricing settings

To enable dynamic pricing on your site, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Fees and Discounts and check the ‘Enable Dynamic Pricing’ option.

woocommerce enable dynamic pricing

You can then select the ‘Dynamic Pricing’ submenu to view the settings.

Dynamic Pricing

WooCommerce dynamic pricing settings

Add Sales flash

If you choose ‘Yes’ in this setting, the standard WooCommerce sales flash will display for your discounted products. If you choose ‘Replace with label’, the text in the sales flash will be replaced by the text you’ve entered in the discount rule’s ‘Label’ field.

Display original price

If you enable this option, the original product price will be displayed with a strikethrough and the discounted price will be displayed next to it.

price strikethrough

Display with sale

Enable this option to display your discounted products with other sale products.

Consolidate variations

Enable this option to count all variations of a product together when checking rules – for example, if the user selects two variations of the same product, the items will be counted together. Deselect this to apply rules to each variation independently.

Pricing Tables

Pricing tables can appear for products that have bulk or spend discounts. They list each tier of discount along with the item price for that tier.

WooCommerce discount price table

Pricing table

Choose where to display the price table – either before or after the ‘Add to cart’ button.

Quantity label

The heading for the ‘Quantity’ column (for bulk discount rules).

Spend label

The heading for the ‘Spend’ column (for spend discount rules).

Price label

The heading for the ‘Price’ column.

Labels column

Enable this to show an additional column with descriptive text.


Exclude coupons

Enable this option to prevent coupons being applied to products with dynamic pricing rules.

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