How to create quantity increments in WooCommerce: a guide

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While the default settings in WooCommerce are designed to accommodate a wide range of retail scenarios, they might not perfectly align with the diverse needs of every business. One common challenge faced by store owners is the default quantity increment of 1, which might not suit all types of products or customer preferences.

Consider the scenario of wholesalers, trade-only shops, and businesses dealing in bulk quantities. For these enterprises, selling in larger increments or quantities is not just a convenience but often a necessity.

This is where the concept of quantity increments comes into play. The ability to allow customers to order in predefined quantities that align with the nature of the products being sold is a pivotal aspect of a streamlined purchasing process. Such increments not only enhance the customer experience but also contribute to transparent communication, mitigating the chances of misunderstandings and costly errors.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of setting up quantity increments in WooCommerce. From the technical aspects of configuring your store to facilitate smooth order quantities to the art of communicating these increments effectively to customers, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s dive in and unlock the power of precise ordering experiences with WooCommerce!

How WooCommerce Minimum Maximum Quantity and Order can help you set and manage quantity rules

The WooCommerce Minimum Maximum Quantity and Order plugin offers an all-in-one solution for creating quantity increments on your WooCommerce site.

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WooCommerce Minimum Maximum Quantity and Order

Maximise your store’s revenue by setting rules on quantity and values

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The intuitive plugin is designed to help shopkeepers increase revenue and make the most out of their online stores by setting rules on quantities and values. This way, store owners can remove the limitations of default WooCommerce and prevent extra costs associated with order returns.

The WooCommerce Minimum Maximum Quantity and Order plugin’s quantity increments functionality is very useful for most types of online stores. Using the plugin’s advanced quantity features, store owners can set custom quantity increments for individual products or for all products on their online store. This allows you to set increments as well as custom step values that don’t follow specific increment rules such as “pack of 3, pack of 5, pack of 10”.

The plugin is highly flexible to suit different use cases making it functional for any kind of WooCommerce store. For example, if you run a wholesale shop and only want to move large quantities of a product, you can sell products in large increments like boxes of 50 units, and use custom quantity step increments to reflect this.

Similarly, if you’re an artist that sells prints to both individual customers and art shops, custom step increments let you offer different batch amounts as well as single prints for the different types of customers on your online store.

More features your shop may use

Other than quantity increments, the WooCommerce Minimum Maximum Quantity and Order plugin offers a wide array of quantity features that make it easier to sell and manage products with custom quantities.

For starters, you can set the default quantity for any product. This is a great way to offer clear communication to your shoppers when they want to purchase products with quantity rules. The plugin also lets you set order minimums and maximums based on the cart total or the number of products purchased. As a result, it encourages customers to spend more and helps your business generate more revenue.

WooCommerce Minimum Maximum Quantity and Order lets you apply changes to your shop’s products globally or individually as well as setting quantity rules based on user role.

Step-by-step: Customizing quantity increments with WooCommerce Minimum Maximum Quantity and Order

In this tutorial, we’ll explain how you can get started customizing the quantity increments for your online store’s products using the WooCommerce Minimum Maximum Quantity and Order plugin.

Step #1: Set rules for each product

After the WooCommerce Minimum Maximum Quantity and Order plugin is installed and activated on your site, we can start setting up quantity increment rules for your WooCommerce products. To get started, navigate to WooCommerce → Min Max Rules and click on the Add New button.

Applies to setting

After giving your quantity rule a new title, specify the products you want to showcase custom quantity increments for using the Applies to the dropdown menu. For example, if you want to set up the quantity increments for apparel products only, you can select the Specific Categories option and then select the correct product category.

Select categories

Similarly, you can also specify individual products from your entire shop’s catalog or display quantity increments on your online store globally. Specify the quantity increment value you want to set for your selected products using the Quantity Increment text field under the Quality Rules dropdown menu.

Quantity increment

Once you’re ready, click on the Publish button to continue.

WooCommerce quantity increment preview

Shoppers on the front-end will only be able to increase the quantity of the specified products in custom quantity increments. This is useful for trade-only shops or wholesalers that want to sell products in multiples or in larger quantities.

Step #2: Customize the quantity field

The WooCommerce Minimum Maximum Quantity and Order plugin also lets you customize the quantity input field in a number of ways other than creating custom quantity increments.

Min max quantities

For starters, you can set minimum and maximum quantities for your products so customers don’t end up ordering too little or too much from your online store. For example, store owners can set minimum order quantities for products that aren’t profitable for selling in lower quantities. Similarly, wholesale stores can set maximum quantity limits on products on sale so multiple customers get a chance to purchase the products before stock runs out.

Quantity selectors

You can also add custom quantity selectors for your WooCommerce products using the Defined Quantities field. For this, you need to specify the quantity value and quantity label using the “|” symbol and add as many quantity selectors to your products as you’d like.

Quantity selector preview

This is useful for selling products on your online store that come pre-packaged in custom quantities and makes it easier for shoppers to better understand the quantity rules on your WooCommerce site.

Adding WooCommerce quantity increments – video

Use quantity increments to take your WooCommerce shop to the next level

In this article, we’ve looked at the benefits of customizing quantity increments in your WooCommerce store, which is especially important for bulk wholesalers but can be equally important in a range of other use cases. Setting custom quantity increments makes the ordering process more efficient and allows you to manage your inventory better while selling in higher volumes.

It’s important to choose an intuitive plugin like WooCommerce Minimum Maximum Quantity and Order that offers seamless compatibility with your existing website and plugins and comes pre-built with advanced quantity features. For these reasons, the WooCommerce Minimum Maximum Quantity and Order plugin is the ideal solution for WooCommerce store owners looking to improve their store’s functionality and user experience with quantity increments.

WooCommerce Minimum Maximum Quantity and Order featured image

WooCommerce Minimum Maximum Quantity and Order

Maximise your store’s revenue by setting rules on quantity and values

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Ready to start creating quantity increments in WooCommerce? Get WooCommerce Minimum Maximum Quantity and Order today!

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