If you’re selling wine online (or any other kind of beverage or product, for that matter) through WooCommerce, you will probably want the ability to create mixed case products. These allow your customers to choose which wines they want in their case and, possibly, get a discount.

In the example page below, the customer can select different wines in different quantities to make their mixed case. When they’ve made their selection, they just hit ‘Add to Cart’ to add all the wines to their order.

WooCommerce mixed case product

WooCommerce mixed case products

In this article, we’ll look at three different types of mixed case and how to build them in WooCommerce:

Building a mixed case with individually priced bottles

In the first example, we’ll create a product that will allow users to add 12 bottles of their choice. Each bottle will be priced independently but we’ll provide a discount on the case.

The first thing we’ll need (assuming you’ve already got WooCommerce installed) is the Product Extras plugin.

Product Extras allows you to add extra fields to WooCommerce so that customers can personalise your products. The Pro version has a ‘Products’ field which lets you add other products as additional fields to your products.

We’ll create a ‘Case’ product in WooCommerce then use the Pro version of Product Extras to add bottles of wine as child products to the Case product.

Create your wine products

The first step is to add all your bottles of wine as products in your store. Just follow the standard WooCommerce process for adding products.

Create your Mixed Case product

With all your bottles added, you can create a new product for the Mixed Case. If you are charging based on the wine added, then add a 0 for the price of the mixed case.

Note that Product Extras adds some more settings for how the price is displayed. In the example above, I’ve set the price to 0 and selected ‘Hide price’ in the ‘Price label display’ field. This means that the price won’t be displayed on the front end.

  • Now, we can add the wine bottles as child products. Click on the ‘Product Extras’ tab
  • Click ‘Add Group’ then ‘Add Field’
  • In the ‘Field Type’ setting, choose ‘Products’
  • In the ‘Child Products’ field, enter the names of the wines you’d like to offer as part of the mixed case

There are some additional settings shown above:

  • ‘Products Layout’: choose how to display your wines. Select ‘Column’ to display them in a single column format
  • ‘Products Quantities’: select ‘Independent’ to add a quantity field next to each child product. This will allow your customers to choose how many of each wine they want to add to their mixed case
  • ‘Min Child Products’ and ‘Max Child Products’: you can set the minimum and maximum numbers of child products to whatever values you like. In this example, we want the customer to add exactly 12 bottles to their mixed case so I’ve set the minimum and maximum to 12
  • ‘Discount’ and ‘Discount Type’: I’m offering a 10% discount on this mixed case, so I’ve set ‘Discount’ to 10 and ‘Discount Type’ to ‘Percentage’

When you publish the product, this is what it’ll look like in the front end. Note that this is using the Storefront theme but will work with any theme:

WooCommerce mixed case product

You can also view a working demo here.

Building a mixed case with a fixed price

If you’d like to offer your customers the ability to create a mixed case of wine with a fixed price, rather than charging them based on the value of the bottles they choose, then follow the steps above for creating a mixed case with the following differences:

  • Enter the price of your mixed case instead of entering 0 for the product price
  • Don’t set the ‘Price label display’ to ‘Hidden’
WooCommerce mixed case fixed price settings

In the Product Extras tab, enter your bottles as child products as above – but set the discount to 100%.

This is what it’ll look like on the front end:

WooCommerce mixed case fixed price

You can see the demo page here.

Building a mixed case with set numbers of certain wines, e.g. 6 white / 6 red

Finally, we’ll look at creating a mixed case with set numbers of certain wines – e.g. 6 bottles of red and 6 bottles of white.

Again, follow the steps for creating a mixed case product in WooCommerce. But instead of adding just one child products field, add two. You can label them ‘White Wine’ and ‘Red Wine’ if you wish.

Note that I’ve changed the ‘Min Child Products’ and ‘Max Child Products’ to 6 for both fields.

This is how it’ll look on the front end:

You can see the demo here.

Get Product Extras

Product Extras for WooCommerce is the easiest way to create mixed case products in WooCommerce. Click the image below to find out more.

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