WooCommerce flower shop: how to create an online florist in WordPress


You’d like to build a WooCommerce flower shop so that you can sell floral arrangements online. In this article, I’ll show you how to set up your products and add extra options that will allow your customers to personalise their order.

We’ll walk through building a product from scratch, adding the extra fields, and refer to some real-life examples to see how other WooCommerce flower shops work.

WooCommerce flower shop - finished product

Creating a WooCommerce flower shop

In this article, we’ll create a product for a Wedding Bouquet. Typically, flower shops will include products in the following categories:

  • Funeral flowers
  • Wedding flowers
  • Mother’s day flowers
  • Welcome to your new home flowers
  • Get well soon flowers
  • Flowers for events
  • Centrepieces

You can see the working demo product here.

In all, we’ll look at the following:

Create a flower arrangement product

We’ll begin by creating a product for our WooCommerce flower shop. If you already have your products set up, you can skip ahead to the section on adding extra options.

Step One: Add new product

From your dashboard, click Products > Add New. This will generate your first product. For a detailed tutorial on adding new products take a look at WooCommerce Add Product – the complete guide.

Step Two: Fill in the details

I mentioned above that we would be creating a wedding bouquet as our example product. So we’ll enter ‘Wedding Bouquet’ as the title.

In the ‘Product data’ section, we’ll enter a price for the bouquet in the ‘Regular price’ field.

In the ‘Short Description’ field, we can enter a brief description of the product. Note that in most themes, this description will be displayed near the top of the page, under the product title.

Finally, we’ll upload a suitable image to the ‘Product image’ section.

Your product page will look something like this. I’ve used arrows to indicate the areas that we’ve discussed above.

WooCommerce flower product

Step Three: Publish

Once you’ve entered all your content, you can hit the blue ‘Publish’ button at the top right. This will make your product live.

At this stage, it will look something like this.

WooCommerce bouquet product

Note that I’m using the Storefront theme in this example but you can use any theme you like.

Extra options for WooCommerce flower shops

Online florists are one of the most likely places you’ll need to add extra options to your products.

We’re going to look at two types of extra options:

  1. Options for the user to customise the product itself, including:
    • The size of the flower arrangement
    • Wrapping options
    • Gift card
    • Personalised message
    • Delivery date
  2. Options to encourage the user to buy further products, including:
    • Extra gifts like chocolates or wine
    • Flower-related products like vases

To add these extra options, we’ll need a plugin called WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate.

WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate featured image

WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate

Personalize products with extra fields and custom options

Find Out More

The Add-Ons Ultimate plugin allows you to extend WooCommerce products with add-on fields. We’re going to add the following fields to our product so that the user can customise the bouquet to their exact requirements:

  • Bouquet size
  • Wrapping
  • Card
  • Message
  • Delivery date

Add a bouquet size option

In our WooCommerce flower shop product, we’re going to let the customer choose the size of the bouquet.

WooCommerce flower shop product

To create this add-on field, follow these steps:

  1. From the ‘Product data’ section, click the ‘Product Add-Ons’ tab
  2. Click ‘Add Group’
  3. Click ‘Add Field’
  4. Enter a label for the field in ‘Field Label’
  5. Select ‘Image Swatch’ as the ‘Field Type’
  6. Click ‘Add Option’ and add as many options as you wish:
    • Upload an image for each option
    • Enter the option name
    • Add a price that will get added to the base product price if you wish
WooCommerce flower shop customisable settings

Note that for this particular option, using the Image Swatch field type, you’ll need the Pro version of the Add-Ons Ultimate plugin. However, you could substitute this for the Radio Group or Select field types if you were using the Basic version.

There is more guidance on adding your first add-on field in this support article.

Add a wrapping option for the flowers

Now let’s look at giving the customer some options for how the bouquet should be wrapped. In this example, we’re just going to use a select field (dropdown) but you could use an image swatch field as above if you wanted to display an image of the wrapping paper.

It’s going to look like this on the front end.

WooCommerce flower shop with customisable options

To create this select field:

  1. In the Product Add-Ons panel ‘Add Field’
  2. Choose ‘Select’ as the field type
  3. Add an option for each of the types of wrapping you would like to offer
  4. Add a price against any premium wrapping types (in our example, I’ve added a price against ‘Hand Tied’)
bouquet select back end

Take a look at this article if you would like to find out more about adding a gift wrapping option to WooCommerce products.

Adding a personalised card to the bouquet

Most flowers are sent as gifts so it makes sense to give the customer the option to choose a personalised card. We’ll offer some standard cards plus the chance for the customer to create their own.

To achieve this, we’ll use a radio group (but we could just as easily use a select field) plus some conditional product options to show a text field if required.

It’s worth checking out the demo product to see how this works. It’ll look like this:

card front end

Note that selecting the last option, ‘Choose Your Own’, reveals an additional field for the card message.

To set these fields up:

  1. Create a ‘Radio Group’ field for the Card type
  2. Enter your different card types
  3. Create a ‘Text’ field for the Card Message
  4. Add a condition to the Card Message field so that it only displays if the user chooses a specific option from the Card type field
bouquet card back end

Note that I’ve set the Card Message field as a text field but you could also use a textarea if you wanted to allow a longer message. You can also set a maximum number of characters (and even charge per character for text and textarea fields if you want).

Adding a delivery date to your WooCommerce flower shop

Our final option is a delivery date so that the customer can choose when their flowers should be delivered.

To add a date field:

  1. Add a new field and select ‘Date’ as the field type
  2. Check the ‘Min date today?’ field. This will ensure that the customer can’t try to select a delivery date that’s in the past
date back end

Adding extra products as add-on options

Now let’s look at offering the customers the chance to buy some extra items alongside their flowers. These aren’t quite the same as the options above, which are just a way of customising the basic product, they’re products in their own right. The user can add these to their cart at the same time they buy the bouquet.

Adding an extra gift option to your WooCommerce flower shop product

Let’s give the customer the chance to buy some wine with their bouquet. You can easily offer chocolates or other gifts, depending on the product.

To add another product as an add-on option, you’ll need the Pro version of Add-Ons Ultimate.

  1. Click ‘Add Field’ and choose ‘Products’ as the field type
  2. In the ‘Child Products’ field, choose the products that you would like to add as extra options to your flowers
products back end

The finished product

Here’s what the finished product will look like. Don’t forget to check out the demo too.

woocommerce flower shop

Finally, let’s take a look at some real-life WooCommerce flower shops built using Product Add-Ons Ultimate.


Uitvaartbloemist is a WooCommerce flower shop specialising in flowers for funerals. They’re based in Rotterdam in The Netherlands.

WooCommerce funeral flower shop

They’ve got some really nice personalisation options including:

  • Add a funeral ribbon
  • Personalise the funeral ribbon with text and a name
  • Choose the type of ribbon
  • Add a personal message on the card

Polished Petals Florist

Polished Petals is a WooCommerce flower shop based in Mt Vernon, NY. They offer floral bouquets for all kinds of occasions.

Polished Petals use the ‘Products’ add-on field to offer their customers the chance to buy gifts, like chocolates and soft toys, from the product page.

polished petals


Bloemtique is another Rotterdam based flower shop. They use Add-Ons Ultimate to give their customers the option to choose a ribbon and enter some custom text.


Final thoughts on WooCommerce flower shops

In this article, we’ve looked at how to start building a WooCommerce flower shop by adding your first product.

We’ve looked at augmenting the product with some additional options that allow the user to customise your products. Then we’ve looked at helping to upsell some extra products all from a single product page.

We rounded off by looking at a few WooCommerce flower shops built with Product Add-Ons Ultimate.

WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate featured image

WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate

Personalize products with extra fields and custom options

Find Out More


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