WooCommerce Product Add Ons Ultimate version 2.0

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Version 2.0 of WooCommerce Product Add Ons Ultimate has been released today. There are numerous fixes, improvements and new features, including:

  • Simplified licensing – now there are just Basic and Pro options. Basic is for one site only; Pro is for unlimited sites and includes additional features
  • Assign costs to extras as a percentage of the product price – works really well when you’re using variations that have different prices (Pro version only)
  • Organise your groups of extra fields into tabs or accordions (Pro version only)
  • Replace radio button labels with images to create swatches for your extras (Pro version only)
  • Product extra fields are now rendered using templates that can be easily overridden, either in your theme or using filters
  • French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish translations

Please check out all the features by clicking the banner below. Don’t forget to back up your site if you’re upgrading from a previous version.

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WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate

Personalise products with extra fields and custom options

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      You can use this plugin to add extra fields to your WooCommerce product page. The fields are added automatically to the page and will work with page builders like Elementor.



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    Hi Gareth
    Can you adjust the way the fields are presented on the product page using elementor e.g. altering spacing, adding dashed lines to separate fields etc?

    Cheers Ian

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