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Translating Add-Ons Ultimate with WPML

You can translate Product Add-Ons Ultimate groups and fields using WPML. This article assumes you have WPML installed and you have some familiarity with it.

Translating product add-on groups and fields with WPML

Let’s walk through an example using English and French as our site’s languages.

Install WPML

First, we’ve already installed and configured WPML. Follow the steps here for more guidance.

We’ve set our default language to English with French as the second site language.

Create a product and add-ons

Now, create a product in English (or whatever your site’s primary language is). Add all your standard product information, like description, price and categories.

Then you can define your add-on fields. Follow the steps here to create your first add-on group and field.

Save or publish your product.

Translate the product and add-ons

Now you can translate the product and its extra fields. Click the ‘+’ icon in the ‘Language’ section.

wpml translate product

WPML will create a new version of the product in your selected language, copying much of the product information, like price.

To add your translated field, go to the Product Add-Ons tab in the Product data section and add the translated versions of your extra fields.

Translating global add-ons with WPML

Global groups work slightly differently in Product Add-Ons Ultimate. By default, they are displayed on a single page and are not translatable.

In order to make your global groups translatable, you need to apply this setting. This will display global groups like any other post type.

You can then go to Product Add-Ons > Global Groups and add a new global group.

Enter your group details, like title and description, then set which products the group will be displayed on. There’s more information on creating global groups here.

Once you’ve set the group details, add your fields. Here’s a screenshot of an example group:

global add on group wpml

Note that ‘Make Groups translatable’ should be selected in ‘Multilingual Content Setup’. If you don’t see this setting, go to WPML > Settings > Multilingual Content Setup and ensure the ‘Post Type Translation’ for Groups (pewc_group) is set to ‘Translatable’.

translatable groups

Translating global groups

You can then create a translated version of your global group by clicking the ‘+’ icon in the ‘Language’ section.

translate global group

You can then enter the translated version of the group details and add new fields for the translated product.

Translating text strings

Certain text in the plugin are options, e.g.:

  • Product total
  • Options total
  • Flat rate total
  • Grand total

To translate these, go to WPML > String Translation. You should these options there.

wpml translate options

Translating updated strings

If you have changed the text for the totals fields, like ‘Product total’ etc above, you might need to refresh the translation. Just go to WPML > String Translation and click the ‘Refresh’ icon next to the string.

update translation strings

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