Increase sales

Drive more sales by turning purchasers into repeat purchasers.

Add multiple components

Components include coupons, cross-sells, social shares, custom content, and more.

Build customer relationships

Create confidence, trust and loyalty in your customers.

Save time

Build better onboarding experiences and reduce support time.

Increase sales with the WooCommerce Thank You Pages plugin

The WooCommerce Thank You Pages plugin allows you to create customised, highly effective marketing pages which are directed at customers who are at their most receptive - because they've just bought one or more of your products.

According to research*, selling to existing customers is up to five times easier than acquiring new customers. Moreover, existing customers spend up to three times more than a first time buyer.

This is a plugin that every WooCommerce store should be running.

* Smile Report

More effective than email

Thank You pages are more effective than standard WooCommerce order email confirmations, which might only get opened about 10% of the time**. But customers will always arrive on your Thank You page because WooCommerce directs them there after they make their purchase.

And Thank You pages are a way more effective marketing tool than newsletters which have an average open rate of only 3%.

** Shopify Article

WooCommerce Thank You Pages plugin features

With the WooCommerce Thank You Pages plugin, you can market directly to existing customers when they're at their most receptive, a matter of seconds after they've made a purchase.

  • Offer deals and discounts to customers who have just made a purchase
  • Increase trust and loyalty by providing them with must-know information like shipping times
  • Reduce support tickets by providing FAQs and links to documentation

The WooCommerce Thank You Pages plugin lets you create as many Thank You pages as you like. Create a single Thank You page to replace the default WooCommerce version; or create multiple Thank You pages, depending on products in the order.

Note that this plugin replaces the standard WooCommerce Thank You page with custom content. Some other Thank You page plugins redirect the customer to different pages. The drawback to this method is that other functionality, like ecommerce tracking, analytics, and Facebook pixels, may be affected. This plugin replaces the content, thereby retaining all the extra functionality.

WooCommerce Thank You Pages components

With the WooCommerce Thank You Pages plugin, you can customise pages with components, including:

  • Dynamic coupons: present your new customer with a discount on their next order
  • Shipping details: add a map and shipping information to give the customer confidence
  • Downloads: if you're selling downloads, provide a nicer experience
  • Onboarding: add custom content for your new members, ensuring they get off to the right start on your site
  • Social sharing: encourage customers to share their purchase on Twitter and Facebook
  • Cross-sells: present customers with other products they might like based on the content of their order
  • Custom content: add custom content, including images and videos
  • Support information: cut down on customer queries by giving them the information they need straight off the bat
  • Order details and order summary

WooCommerce thank you page

The plugin allows you to add as many, or as few, components to your Thank You page as you like.

Easy to edit

The WooCommerce Thank You Pages plugin lets you edit components easily. Each component can be configured from its configuration page in the settings:

Edit WooCommerce thank you page plugin



  • Increase sales
  • Reduce support time
  • Build customer loyalty

Additional Information

Last Updated27 July 2020
LicenseGNU GPL v2
Release Date20 January 2020
RequiresWooCommerce 3.0+

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