Bulk Pricing Discounts

Apply different discounts for products based on the quantity added to the cart.

  • Offer discounts by product, category or on the whole cart
  • Create multiple pricing tiers
  • Display pricing tiers in easy to read tables

Dynamic Pricing Rules

Create discounts and fees based on rules like:

  • Buy One Get One Free
  • Get 20% discount from Category X when you buy a product from Category Y
  • Buy two of Product A, get Product B half price

User Role Based Pricing

Set different prices according to user roles: globally, by category or by product:

  • Create wholesale pricing
  • Offer your staff a discount
  • Give customers a discount after their first purchase

Payment Gateway Fees and Discounts

Offer discounts to customers if they choose certain payment gateways or apply additional charges on other gateways, e.g.:

  • Add a fee for checking out with PayPal
  • Add a charge for paying cash on delivery
  • Offer a discount for using bank transfer

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About WooCommerce Fees and Discounts

Discounting is the most powerful sales device you have in your store. It will encourage your customers to buy more and spend more.

WooCommerce Fees and Discounts gives you several ways to apply discounts or fees to products. Choose the method that works best for you.

WooCommerce Discount Plugin

Fees and Discounts is a WooCommerce discount plugin, which allows you to apply different discounts for products depending on quantity, user role, payment gateway...

Bulk pricing rules

You could offer a simple discount like this:

  • Buy 10 or more and get a 5% discount

Or you can layer it to create more and more attractive discounts depending on the quantities:

  • Buy 10 or more and get a 5% discount
  • Buy 20 or more and get a 10% discount
  • Buy 50 or more and get a 20% discount

WooCommerce Fees and Discounts makes it easy to create bulk pricing rules:

WooCommerce bulk pricing rules

With Fees and Discounts, you can:

  • Create as many pricing tiers as you like
  • Apply bulk discounts to specific products, products in specified categories, or all products
  • Create different bulk pricing rules for different products

Display pricing tiers in a table

WooCommerce Fees and Discounts lets you display a product's pricing tiers in an easy to read table - so your customers can see exactly what they'd pay depending on the quantity of product they select.

User Role Pricing Plugin

WooCommerce Fees and Discounts is a user role pricing plugin. It allows you to sell your products at different prices depending on your customers' user roles.

  • Set discounts or premiums for each user role globally
  • Apply discounts or premiums for each user role by individual product
  • Apply discounts or free per user role per variation
  • Set discounts or premiums as a fixed amount or a percentage

Dynamic Pricing Rules

The WooCommerce Fees and Discount plugin allows you to create discounts and fees for products based on simple rules that you set up. For example, 'Buy X Get Y Free' or 'Buy One Get One Free'.

Offers can apply to:

  • All items in the cart
  • Specific products
  • Products in specific categories

Furthermore, you can specify how many products the customer needs to purchase in order to qualify for the offer, and you can specify how many products they receive at the adjusted rate. You can also specify how the discount (or additional fee) is calculated, either a fixed fee or a percentage.

So you can do all kinds of deals, e.g.:

  • Buy one get one free
  • Buy two get one free
  • Buy three get two half price
  • Buy four get one at 10% off

And so on. There's no limit to how you want to structure the pricing rules.

You can also specify that the customer needs to buy items from a certain group of products in order to receive items from a second group of products. This means you can do promotions like:

  • Buy two laptops and get a free printer
  • Buy three cushions and get a rug half price
  • Buy three t-shirts and get the next one at 10% off

You can also add extra text to product pricing labels on the front end to advertise your promotions.

Rules are simple to set up. Take a look at the screenshot below which shows the rule for a Buy One Get One Free offer. It takes a matter of seconds to set up.

WooCommerce dynamic pricing rule

WooCommerce Payment Gateway Fees and Discounts

Using Fees and Discounts, you can also incentivise customers to choose certain payment gateways or levy additional charges on other gateways.

Each payment gateway has its own settings, applied independently, including:

  • Set a label to appear in the cart totals
  • Choose whether to apply a fee or a discount
  • Choose between a flat rate, fixed fee/discount or a percentage of the cart total
  • Choose whether to include shipping costs as part of the cart total
  • Specify a minimum cart total for the fee/discount to apply
  • Specify a maximum cart total for the fee/discount to apply
  • Specify a minimum fee/discount value (this is useful when your fee/discount is a percentage of the cart total, so you can set a minimum level for the fee or discount)
  • Specify a maximum fee/discount value (also useful when your fee/discount is a percentage of the cart total, so you can limit the overall fee or discount)
  • Select whether to apply tax to the fee
  • Select which tax class to use

WooCommerce payment gateway fees and discounts



  • Incentivise your customers with advanced promotions
  • Set fees and discounts based on the payment gateway the customer has selected
  • German translation

Additional Information

Last Updated2 October 2020
Release Date26 November 2018
RequiresWooCommerce 3.0+

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