WooCommerce Deposits and Part Payments

Give your customers flexible payment options by letting them pay a deposit on goods and orders

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This single WooCommerce extension for accepting deposits and partial payments is pretty perfect.

Chris Lema

Make payments easier for your customers

Accept part payments on products or orders


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Plugin Features and Information


The WooCommerce Deposits and Part Payments plugin lets you accept deposits for your products, giving customers flexibility over their payments.

You decide which products to accept deposits on, and how to set the amounts. You can choose a percentage of the overall product price or you can set a fixed amount.

When the customer adds the product to their cart, they can choose which payment method to use - either part payment or payment in full.

If you wish, you can disable the option for a customer to pay in full and require them to pay a deposit.

If they choose part payment, the plugin splits the order up. The customer is required to pay only the deposit then the plugin generates a new scheduled order for the remaining amount. The customer has full view of their payments and scheduled payments on their account page.

Set different deposits for specific products if required.

Offer discounts to customers who choose to make the payment in full.

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Product Data

Released6 February 2020
Last Updated16 June 2022
Current Version1.4.0
RequiresWooCommerce 3.0+

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= 1.4.0, 16 June 2022 =
* Added: option to set customer-defined deposit
* Added: option to make part payments on outstanding amount
* Fixed: incorrect totals on scheduled order if discount is entire order and percentage
* Updated: renamed translation files to match text domain

= 1.3.7, 5 July 2021 =
* Fixed: scheduled payment not available for out of stock items

= 1.3.6, 28 June 2021 =
* Fixed: correctly calculate scheduled order amount for deposits on entire order with multiple items
* Updated: don't reduce stock when a scheduled order is paid

= 1.3.5, 25 November 2020 =
* Added: wcdpp_apply_tax_scheduled_order setting
* Updated: improved compatibility with Fees and Discounts

= 1.3.4, 24 September 2020 =
* Fixed: don't create unnecessary scheduled order
* Fixed: removed HTML tags from deposit text on checkout page
* Fixed: use float value instead of wc_price when adding product subtotals to new order

= 1.3.3, 20 September 2020 =
* Fixed: product specific deposit amounts not honoured for variations

= 1.3.2, 18 September 2020 =
* Added: wcdpp_automatically_create_scheduled_order filter
* Added: product specific deposit amounts

= 1.3.1, 16 July 2020 =
* Fixed: scheduled orders created for orders paid in full

= 1.3.0, 7 July 2020 =
* Added: option to pay by deposit only
* Added: wcdpp_section_tabs filter
* Added: option to send email to admin when balance paid
* Fixed: ensure scheduled orders don't create additional scheduled orders when paid
* Updated: scheduled order line item costs and totals
* Updated: only display remaining balance on order screens for initial payments
* Updated: deposit amount for 'entire order' payments include shipping and other fees

= 1.2.1, 16 June 2020 =
* Fixed: update_checkout not triggered at checkout
* Updated: calculate deposit based on variation price not product price

= 1.2.0, 26 May 2020 =
* Added: option to set deposit for entire cart
* Fixed: scheduled order getting set twice on_hold and processing

= 1.1.0, 21 April 2020 =
* Added: option to discount product price when user pays in full
* Added: add link to pay remaining balance to order confirmation and email

= 1.0.1, 15 April 2020 =
* Added: pot file
* Fixed: deposits calculating incorrectly on multiple items
* Updated: include 'Scheduled' orders in 'All' count on Orders page

= 1.0.0, 7 February 2020 =
* Initial commit

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What are the differences between the Basic and Pro licences?

The Basic licence entitles you to updates and support for 1 site. The Pro licence entitles you to updates and support for unlimited sites.

How long is the licence valid for?

Unless otherwise stated, licences are valid for a year. During that time you are entitled to receive free updates and support. Licences will automatically renew unless cancelled.

Will the licence still work if I cancel my subscription?

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Do you offer refunds?

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Will this plugin work with my theme?

All my plugins are independent of the theme being used so there shouldn't be any problems. If you do run into any issues, just let me know and I will take a look.

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