Bookings for WooCommerce

Sell date-based bookings for rentals and bookable products in WooCommerce

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5/5 stars!!! Really a great plugin and outstanding customer service! Well built and very logical setup. Easy to use for even not so tech-savvy users :-)

Anders JytzlerHype Media

Gareth has been exceptionally helpful with after sales enquiries. Very responsive and excellent customer care. Fully recommend this plugin to anyone that is looking to extend the functionality of WooCommerce.

Danny HarveyDanny Harvey Media

Rent your products and properties

Accept calendar-based bookings for your WooCommerce products


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Plugin Features and Information


Bookings for WooCommerce is a booking plugin that's ideal for all kinds of rentals, including:

  • Property rentals
  • Vacation rentals
  • Holiday homes
  • Villas and apartments
  • Renting rooms
  • Holiday lettings
  • Accommodation lets
  • Gallery rentals
  • Exhibition space rentals
  • Booking venues
  • Vehicle hire, e.g. car, bike or boat

WooCommerce booking plugin

The Bookings for WooCommerce plugin adds a new 'Booking' product type to WooCommerce which lets you set exactly how you want your bookings to work.

Using the Booking product type, you can define:

  • Booking units: either by day, by night, or by week.
  • Allocate quantity - so allow products to be booked singly or in multiples
  • Booking start day: specify a day of the week for the booking to start, or let users select any day
  • Minimum and maximum booking lengths: happy to let users book for just one night? That's fine. Need to specify a minimum number of nights? That's also fine.
  • Postponed start: allow yourself a notice period before the booking can start.
  • Buffer period: add an optional buffer period between bookings
  • Costs: set a standard cost per day, night or week then define periods where the cost might be different. Charge premium rates for your busy times, tempt people with discount rates for the quieter times
  • Block out dates: you can make dates unavailable in the calendar to prevent anyone from booking them.
  • Last bookable date: decide how far in advance to take bookings
  • Discounts - specify a time after which the discount kicks in, e.g. book for 4 days and get 20% off

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The Bookings for WooCommerce plugin adds a simple booking form to the product page where the user can select their check-in and check-out dates. The permitted dates are clearly indicated and the calendars automatically update to ensure that users can't duplicate bookings or book across a blocked-out period. The plugin calculates the duration of the booking and displays the cost automatically, taking into account any non standard cost periods that might be incorporated into the user's booking.

The user can add their booking to their cart then checkout, the same as they would do for any other product. After payment, the user receives an email with the booking details. In your dashboard, you can monitor and update bookings.

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WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate

Bookings for WooCommerce integrates with WooCommerce Product Add Ons Ultimate to allow you to include additional chargeable options in your bookings. Possible options might include:

  • Cleaning fees
  • Linen fees
  • Transfer costs
  • Bicycle hire
  • Bed and breakfast options
  • Half board or full board options
  • Optional insurance charges
  • Facilities hire
  • Extra towels
  • Surcharges for extra guests
  • Additional beds or bedding
  • Welcome packs
  • Shopping hampers

Each additional option can be charged as a one-off fee or per bookable unit, e.g. per night, per week.

WooCommerce Deposits and Part Payments

Bookings also integrates with Deposits and Part Payments, allowing you to take deposits on your date-based bookings. There's a tutorial here on accepting deposits for WooCommerce bookings.

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Product Data

Released24 August 2017
Last Updated22 June 2022
Current Version1.4.3
RequiresWordPress 4.6+

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= 1.4.3, 22 June 2022 =
* Fixed: allow last date to be set in non-English language
* Fixed: quantity metadata on order screen and email confirmation

= 1.4.2, 28 April 2022 =
* Fixed: allow decimals in booking cost
* Updated: hide booked days post type

= 1.4.1, 13 April 2022 =
* Fixed: price per unit issue with Add-Ons Ultimate
* Fixed: sort unavailable dates

= 1.4.0, 13 April 2022 =
* Added: allow multiple bookings per product (quantity setting per booking)
* Added: option to improve calendar UI
* Added: option to show available bookings per day in calendar
* Added: option for backend calendar
* Added: allow editing of booking on existing order
* Fixed: issue with non-overlapping overnight bookings
* Updated: improved UI for calendar picker - added icon
* Updated: set booking status to cancelled and restore availability when order cancelled
* Updated: display booking ID in Booking Details section in order page

= 1.3.10 26 January 2022 =
* Added: step to non standard cost field
* Added: bfwc_pewc_price_with_extras_before_calc_totals

= 1.3.9 15 July 2020 =
* Fixed: maximum booking length respected

= 1.3.8 12 February 2020 =
* Updated: updated for Product Add-Ons 3.0+

= 1.3.7 21 May 2019 =
* Fixed: product total not updating in Product Add-Ons

= 1.3.6 20 April 2019 =
* Added: allow zero cost booking
* Updated: additional param in bfwc_pewc_filter_calculated_cost_before_calculate_totals
* Updated: style changes for calendar

= 1.3.5 25 January 2019 =
* Updated: updater for migration to Plugin Republic

= 1.3.4 8 December 2018 =
* Added: bfwc_block_after_order setting
* Added: filter orders in back end by bookings and standard sales
* Added: overlap option for overnight bookings
* Updated: fire bfwc_set_booking_processing from woocommerce_thankyou

= 1.3.3 2 August 2018 =
* Fixed: updated partial discount calculation
* Updated: filter added to cart message for booking products only

= 1.3.2 21 May 2018 =
* Added: simple discount functionality

= 1.3.1 9 May 2018 =
* Added: postpone_start parameter to allow a notice period before the start of the booking

= 1.3.0 19 April 2018 =
* Fixed: multi-lingual date compatibility
* Fixed: buffer periods for daily and overnight booking units

= 1.2.4 22 March 2018 =
* Updated: removed cron job to automatically delete pending booking

= 1.2.3 16 February 2018 =
* Fixed: incorrect date format on non standard date range

= 1.2.2 9 February 2018 =
* Fixed: set default maximum booking length

= 1.2.1 7 February 2018 =
* Added: status column in Bookings admin page
* Added: empty cart on log out
* Added: check booking status after order submission, before payment
* Added: bfwc_set_booking_processing
* Added: delete booking when order is cancelled
* Added: inline update notifications
* Updated: display booking dates in correct language on cart and order pages

= 1.2.0 1 February 2018 =
* Updated: refactored for internationalized dates

= 1.1.5 29 January 2018 =
* Fixed: parse errors in bfwc_calculate_available_units

= 1.1.4 26 January 2018 =
* Added: include user email in booking
* Fixed: correctly add User ID and Order ID to booking
* Updated: method to set unavailable dates
* Updated: booking fields to readonly

= 1.1.3 22 January 2018 =
* Added: bfwc_pewc_filter_calculated_booking_cost to get total booking price including extras

= 1.1.2 19 January 2018 =
* Added: per_unit field for new WooCommerce Product Add Ons Ultimate fields

= 1.1.1 17 January 2018 =
* Updated: additional WooCommerce Product Add Ons Ultimate support

= 1.1.0 17 January 2018 =
* Added: WooCommerce Product Add Ons Ultimate support

= 1.0.6, 9 November 2017 =
* Added: booking details to order
* Fixed: not returning body classes correctly
* Updated: renamed updater class

= 1.0.5, 26 October 2017 =
* Added: bfwc_is_simple_booking_product

= 1.0.4, 10 October 2017 =
* Added: updater

= 1.0.3, 6 October 2017 =
* Fixed: missing unit name on new product

= 1.0.2, 21 September 2017 =
* Updated: removed Bookings setting tab

= 1.0.1, 19 September 2017 =
* Fixed: error selecting checkout date
* Fixed: incorrectly showing per week in non standard date range

= 1.0.0, 24 August 2017 =
* Initial commit

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