The latest version of Product Extras sees the implementation of global extras, meaning you can now create a group of add-on fields and apply it to all, or some, of your products.

What are product extras?

Product extras are additional fields that you can add to your WooCommerce products, allowing your customers to personalise their purchases. For example, you can add a text field where the customer can enter some text that will appear on the product, or a checkbox where the customer can confirm they want a certain option.

Why are global extras such a big deal?

Imagine you’re running a WooCommerce store with 10s, 100s or even 1000s of products. You’d like to add some extra options to each product. Lots of products are going to take a long time if you have to add extra fields to each product individually. But global extras make it a really simple process, something that you can accomplish within a few minutes.

Extra fields for WooCommerce

Conditional rules

Global extras are flexible. You can specify a set of rules for each group of extras to determine what products they’ll be applied to.

For instance, you can:

  • Set a group of extras to appear on all products
  • Define a list of products that will display a group of extras
  • Define a list of product categories that will display the group

Global extras rules

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