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Configuring Deposits

Once you’ve installed the plugin, you can configure your deposits as follows:

Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Deposits to update your settings.

Deposits Settings

Accept Deposits?

Use this option to decide how to configure the deposit. Choose from:

  • No – no products will have deposits enabled
  • All Products – all products will have deposits enabled
  • Some Products – specific products will have deposits enabled
  • Entire Order – the entire order will have a deposit enabled

Deposit Type

Choose what type of deposit – either a percentage of the product price or a fixed amount.

Deposit Amount

Enter a value here. If you have chosen ‘Percentage’ in ‘Deposit Type’, then this value will be the percentage value. Otherwise, it will be the fixed amount.

Default Payment Method

Choose whether the default payment method should be ‘Deposit’, ‘Pay In Full’ or ‘Deposit Only’.

If you choose either ‘Deposit’ or ‘Pay In Full’, the customer will be able to change the method when they add the product to the cart.

if you choose ‘Deposit Only’, the customer won’t have an option to pay the deposit or pay in full. Instead, they will automatically be charged the deposit when they check out.

Pay In Full Discount

You can offer a discount to customers if they pay in full. Choose between applying a discount as a ‘Percentage’ or ‘Fixed’ amount.

Pay In Full Discount Amount

Set the value of the discount here. This will be applied as a percentage of the product/order total or as a fixed fee based on your choice above.

Pay In Full Discount Label

You can add an optional text to the ‘Pay In Full’ label to inform the user of the discount if you wish.

Accepting Deposits for ‘Some Products’

If you choose ‘Some Products’, you’ll need to specific each product individually if you want it to have a deposit. To do this:

  • Edit the product
  • Click the ‘Deposit’ tab in the ‘Product data’ section
  • Check the ‘Enable deposits’ option

If you’d like to set a different deposit amount from the value defined in the main settings, you can enter a value in ‘Deposit amount’. This will override the value. Note that the deposit type, i.e. percentage or fixed, is not overridden.

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