Vassilis Lymperopoulos

Well, this is a different kind of review. Sometimes things don’t go the way you wanted. I got the Members Only plugin but it didn’t satisfy my customer’s need. After the purchase, I had to ask for a refund. And I was shocked (positively) with the customer service I received. Plugin Republic replied almost immediately(!), tried […]

Marko Matijašević

I’ve been using WooCommerce Members Only plugin to setup presale access for people who previously bought our limited edition books.  The difficulty we faced was that we couldn’t create private access to a specific user role. This plugin enabled us to assign multiple roles to users and thus enable presale access to them when we […]

Jay Garvey

I actually used the plugin to solve a problem I had with automatically adding users to a forum in WP Foro. That plugin “syncs” its user groups with WP roles. I used your plugin to assign users, when they purchased something in WooCommerce, to a custom role. Therefore, they were automatically added to user groups […]

Robert Gomez

We have been using the plugin to limit certain product sales to members of a hospital organization (annual dues, etc). I was really disappointed I couldn’t mark a WooCommerce product as “Private” and have it *fully* hidden to anonymous users. Seems like a no-brainer functionality.  This plugin did exactly what I needed.

Carol Chevereau

I’ve used the plugin to create a B2B section of my website, separate from my customers.  It did the job!

Mohd Shamsul Jamel Ahmad

The plugin is great. With minimal setting you can achieve what you need to restrict content from non members. This gives great control for your WooCommerce products. If you’re doing a special event for your members this would be great option. WooCommerce Members Only is a must if you run a WooCommerce site. With Gareth […]

Ståle Jensen

We use WooCommerce Members Only to customer groups different prices and delivery choices. Members of some groups have free delivery, others need to pay for delivery etc. Members Only solved all our problems with customer grouping.

Mario López

We have a customized online shop to sell school supplies for parents with children in one or many school levels. We had a lot of issues trying to fulfill the requirements such as restricting products and categories only to registered users, restricting products categories depending on the school level, and giving parents access only to […]