Aaron Staple

We use the Better Variations plugin to add a bulk buy option to customisable products and variations in conjunction with the Product Add-Ons Ultimate plugin. WooCommerce does not offer any bulk buy options, you have to add products one by one to the cart. This is not a good user experience for products that have […]

Jenni Kenyon

Our customers were finding it tough to see what was in stock when multiple attribute variations were in use.  This plugin makes it easier for customers to find the right sizes and colours in stock for variations. The support received was excellent – you quickly spotted that I’d changed default woocommerce behaviour and applied a […]

John Clark

Better Variations is working well for us at Velospeed.  It’s allowing people to see which bikes are actually in stock which we couldn’t do before and that helps them make their decision more easily. The whole process of buying the plugin and being able to discuss with you directly was trouble-free and easy.  Thanks!

Laurel E Armstrong de Buisseret

This is the only plugin I’ve found that handles out of stock variations well! With the plugin, the out of stock options can be greyed out and made unselectable, or the styling (colour and sort order) of the variations can be altered to make the out of stock options appear at the bottom of the list and they are clearly shown in a different colour with a message.

Highly recommended.