Hello Plugin Republic

I’ve rebranded Catapult Themes to Plugin Republic.

Why the rebrand?

The name ‘Catapult Themes’ was increasingly becoming a misnomer. Although I had a couple of themes for sale, I have been focusing on plugins, and making the switch to concentrate solely on plugins made sense for the following reasons: Read more

Whizzie: a WordPress theme setup wizard

You may have seen some discussion of Merlin recently. Merlin is described as a “highly configurable WordPress theme setup wizard built for theme developers”. From the short video I’ve seen, Merlin looks beautiful. It’s got some nice illustrations and slick animations, the content is brief and to the point, and the whole process looks very neat.

Inspired by Merlin, I started thinking about what I’d like from a theme set-up wizard. This post outlines the wizard which I’m calling Whizzie. Read more