Showcase is an Easy Digital Downloads theme designed to give you everything you need to sell your digital products online. Fully integrated with Easy Digital Downloads, the world’s favourite WordPress plugin for selling digital products, Showcase makes it quick and easy to create a beautiful website for your downloadable products.

Easy Digital Downloads theme

Easy Digital Downloads theme

Theme Features

Homepage sections

Build a homepage with up to eight unique sections, with content including widgets, blog posts, downloads, download categories, pricing tables and testimonials. Avoid the hassle of trying to work with awkward page builder plugins and create your homepage directly in the Customizer with a few dropdown fields.

You can add a title and description to each section and specify different background images or colors.

Customizing EDD theme

Downloads section

This is an Easy Digital Downloads theme so you’d expect your downloads to feature strongly on the homepage. You can set the number of downloads you want to display on the homepage, the number of columns, how to order the downloads (e.g. title, date, etc), specific download IDs, and whether to display featured downloads only (requires the free Featured Downloads extension).

EDD theme - downloads

Download categories

If you have a lot of products, it’s helpful for the user to browse by category. With Showcase, you can display your download categories on the homepage, along with featured category image.

You can specify the number of categories to display, how many columns to use, and specific category IDs if required.

EDD theme product categories

Pricing tables

Pricing tables are especially useful for Easy Digital Products that have variable prices or different subscription options. Add pricing tables to your homepage with images, descriptions and unique color schemes.

Easy Digital Downloads pricing tables

Blog posts

Any Easy Digital Downloads theme should be about more than just the downloads. Showcase has a fully featured blog and you can include recent posts on the homepage.

Easy Digital Downloads theme blog


Presenting key information succinctly with supporting images is an essential feature of any theme. You can add up to 4 icon areas with image, title and text to the Showcase homepage.

EDD theme icons section


Use the Testimonials for WP plugin to let your customers know all the great things people have said about you and your products. Choose the number, style and layout of your testimonials.

Easy Digital Downloads testimonials

Widget Areas

The Showcase homepage also includes a couple of widget areas. Just add them where you like:

EDD widget area


Showcase is more than just an EDD theme. It has a beautiful blog with a choice of layout between single column and left or right sidebar. Featured images can extend full width on single blog pages with title, subtitle and meta data.

EDD blog post

Page templates

Showcase is not just about ecommerce. It’s strong enough to be used as a simple blog or business website, providing you with several page templates, including narrow column, wide column and pages with either left or right sidebars.

Tabbed account page

Showcase gives you a tabbed account page so that your customers can see all their purchase and profile information in one place. It’s integrated with EDD Software Licenses and EDD Recurring too so that customers can see subscriptions and license details.

Tabbed Easy Digital Downloads account page

Documentation pages

Use the Documentation page template to easily create documentation for your products. Every H2 heading will be automatically converted to a navigation link and inserted at the top of the page, making it simple for users to navigate your guidance.

WordPress standards

Theme options are set via the Customizer, according to WordPress standards, so you can make a change and preview it before you publish it to the live site. Options are sensibly divided up: layouts for each part of the site, like posts and archives, typography, colours, as well as the standard WordPress options like background image, menus and widgets.

Advanced banner images

Showcase allows you to create uniquely engaging image and text banners for your pages, posts and downloads. Upload a background image as well as a featured image, then add the title, excerpt and meta data.

Featured image on background

Video support

Showcase is the only EDD theme with video support, allowing you to replace your featured image with a video and display it on the image background as part of your banner. Now you can promote your products with powerful explainer videos.

EDD featured video banner

Terrific typography

Showcase integrates with Google Fonts, giving you a choice of around 600 free fonts. If you have a Typekit subscription, you can also easily use Typekit fonts.

Theme typography

Custom widget locations

Showcase gives you a different sidebar for your main content types – pages, posts and downloads. There are also special widgets at the end of each post and download content areas, ideal locations for calls to action, upsells or related posts widgets.

EDD custom widgets

EDD theme for plugins and themes

Showcase was developed for this very site, specifically to sell WordPress plugins and themes. Although you can sell any digital or downloadable product with Showcase, it’s been designed and built with WordPress products in mind. So if you are a WordPress developer, Showcase is the perfect theme for you.

Ideal for blogging and business sites too

Showcase is designed to help you sell your products online using Easy Digital Downloads but it’s powerful and slick enough to work as a blog, portfolio or business site too.


While valid, licenses entitle you to free support and updates. Unless otherwise stated, licenses are valid for 12 months and will be automatically renewed unless cancelled.

If you choose to cancel your subscription, you can continue to use the product but support and updates will no longer be available.

All our products are released under the GNU Public License version 2.0.